PreeRan Fan Fiction: The way you are | Chapter 39

Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Karan brings Preeta to Luthra house
Kundali Bhagya Spoiler: Karan brings Preeta to Luthra house

Scene begins in Terrace, Preetha closes her eyes and prays to Rakhi. She tells her that she has nothing to ask her then this small request. She asks her to give her son to her. She assures to her that she will take care of her son well and she will stand with him in all his good moments and supports him in his hard times too. She only needs Karan in her life. From childhood days she wishes to spend time with him after Rakhi’s death she lost his friendship. She missed Rakhi and Karan to the core. After these many years he came close to her she don’t wanna leave his hand this time. She doesn’t know what’s he thinking about her in his heart. Is she has place in his heart also? She asks Rakhi to give a chance to hold his hand she will definitely win his heart. I will replace Rakhi’s place in his heart. She smiles to herself and tells to her don’t worry she won’t fight for her place. She meant to say she will show all her love on him and take care of him like his mother. She will fulfill all his wishes. Will she blesses them from heaven? Karan is staring Preetha these many times he notices the stars are blinking and the cold breeze passing by. He surprises to see it.

Preetha feels the breeze and starts Karan unbelievable. Karan it’s true she can able to feel that breeze. Karan too nods happily. He question her what did she asked to his mother? She was blinking a lot ( stars). Preetha about to say the matter then bites her tongue. She says to him its secret between her and Rakhi. She turns her face away. Karan smiles seeing her attitude. Karan asks her to go and sleep well he wanna talk with dad. Preetha questions him what did uncle said to him? She adds that Uncle face is not seems good reasoning he was looking dull and locked the door before she goes near him. She don’t wanna disturb him so she searches for Karan everywhere and finds him in terrace.

She demands him to say what’s bothering uncle? Is there any problem? Karan ruffles her hair and tells her nothing like that. She will get to know it tomorrow. He is going to give a surprise to his dad. He asks her to go and sleep. She stands there hesitating, he assures to her nothing is there to worry this much. Preetha nods to him and leaves from there. Karan knocks on Mahesh’s room. He enters into his room to witness Mahesh is taking with Rishab. Seeing him Mahesh gets up from his place and keep questioning him Is he ok with this alliance? Is he ready to marry Preetha? Karan asks him to chill he will definitely give the answer to him. He asks him to take his medicine first after that he will answer him. Mahesh gulped the medicine in a go. He demands him to open up with him. Karan smiles to him and says to him he is ready to marry Preetha. Start the engagement work. Mahesh happiness having no bounds he hugs Karan happily. Rishab takes him in his hand and rounding there. He is dancing around him. Mahesh smiles satisfied. Karan demands Rishab to let him stand down reasoning he is feeling dizzy. Rishab gets emotional and hugs him in happiness. Mahesh rushes out to inform this good news to Shekhar and Sarla.

Screen froze.

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