Preeran fanfiction: The way you are!

Chapter -1 

Scene begins in a massive mansion. It’s hazy sunshine day.
We can see the Karan’s villa name board places in the gate. Security collects the letters from box and enters into the house. He places it on table and leaves from there in silent. We can see one man in his 60 doing meditation. One Bhuddha statue is near by him. One lady photo is hanging just opposite to it. When the clock strikes at 6. He finishes his meditation and puts the garland to that lady photo. His face reveals to be Mahesh. Who is a richest man in Mumbai city. He is running many business. Today is his wife Rakhi’s birthday. She passed away when his son was 8. Still her memories are haunting him. He shares few words to her about her son proudly. He says to her that our son is all grown up now. ( One man shows doing push up). Mahesh says that he is very hard work person and obedient one.He will never hesitate to help anyone. ( one man showing helping one grandpa to cross the road). Girls drools over him for his charming smile. (That person showing smiling to kids after buying balloons for kids. He waves at them). Our Karan is resembling his mother in everything. Our hero face reveals to be Karan.

Just then Karan enters inside the house. He takes blessings from his father. He prays to his mother and wishes happy birth day to her. Mahesh parts his shoulder and asks him to get ready for meeting. Karan nods to him and leaves. Mahesh says to Rakhi that he loves to visit temple along with her. But after she died he don’t like to do pooja in temple. He stopped worshipping god. Now no one is there to do Pooja for her.

Meanwhile one girl beautiful feets are showing. She is climbing up the stairs faster. She dashes with someone then catch the pooja things before falling it down. She apologises to that person and runs inside the temple. Pandith about to close the temple. That girl stops him while breathing heavily. She says to him that she wants to do Pooja Archana. He says to her that he is getting late to go. If he fails to go now he will miss to caught the last bus. That girl pleads with him to do it for her. She informs to him that her parents won’t allow her to come here. That’s why she came here without their knowledge just to do this archana. Pandith asks her to say the name. She mentions as ‘ Rakhi’. He starts the Pooja. That girl face reveals to be Preeta. She prays god to give good health and fortune to her family members. She specially asks god to help her to meet him. Her childhood friend’s Karan’. She complaints to god that she is waiting to see him once. After Rakhi aunty death. She didn’t meet him at all. She puts a deal with God and leaves.

Preeta notices the missed call of her father. She thinks that she is gone! Just then she notices the last bus too left. She feels pity for Pandith. She gives lift to Pandith. She is riding the scooty while thinking about her childhood days and Karan. She is talking about Karan to Pandith non stop. Pandith pleads with her to stop the Karan puran. Preeta blushes hearing it. She drops him at his house and bids bye to him. Preeta reaches to her hostel. Her friend informs to Preeta that his father asked the warden to share this news to her. Preeta questions her what was that? She informs the news to her. Preeta gets shock to hear it. She runs from there in hurry.

Mean while in Mahesh’s office. Karan is getting read for the presentation. Clients reached there already. He greets them and starts his presentation. Mahesh is admiring the way Karan narrating the small things to them. He gets a message. He excuse them and moves to attend the call. His face expression changed after hearing the message. He interrupts the meeting. He apologises to the clients and freeze the meeting. Karan staring him in questioning way? Mahesh stares him emotionally. He shares a piece of message to him.

After few hours. Mahesh and Karan reaches to their village.

Screen freeze.

What will happen next? Why did Preeta ran out in hurry? Why did Mahesh returned to his village after so many years?