Preeran fanfiction: The way you are| Chapter – 15

Recap ( Karan apologied to Preetha foe being careless, Preetha explained to him he didn’t done anything it’s all her mistakes. Karan carried Preetha in his arms. They reached to home)

Scene begins in Sarla gives milk to Preetha but she refuses to drink it. Karan comes there and questions Preetha Is her leg paining till? Preetha informs to him its not paining now. Karan says to her its all because of that pain killer injection. Sarla widen her eyes to hear it. She questions Karan did Preetha took injection? Karan nods to her. Sarla tells to him she can’t able to believe it. She used to create a scene in hospital to take injection. They used to get head if she fell sick just thinking about how will she react in hospital! Preetha pouts. Karan asks Sarla to share the incident to him. Preetha pleads with Sarla to don’t share it to him. Sarla didn’t mind her request and says to Karan. When preetha was studying in school. Staffs arranged one blood camp there. They asks Preetha to mention her blood type but she has no idea which group she is. She informed this to them. They took blood from her Preetha fainted down made everyone tensed. After she wakes up she created a scene that they stole her blood and asked them to give back her blood. Karan started laugh hearing it. He questions her what’s happened then? Sarla adds that Shekhar managed that situation and took her back to home. Preetha trying to hide her face using her fingers. Sarla informs to Karan once Preetha got sick after she drenched in rain. They took her to hospital there doctor checked her and asked Preetha to take anti biotic and injection. Seeing injection she starts crying. They want to see her getting well soon so they hold preetha hand tighter and tries to inject her. Preetha kicked on that nurse leg she loss her balance and give injection to near by nurse.

Karan starts to laugh hearing it. Sarla adds not only this after that Nurse tried to hold Preetha but she startrd running arround doctor cabin. She pushed doctor seat near her result Doctor fell down and winces in pain. Somehow they caughted Preetha but she bitten the nurse hand and crawled there. She hidden under doctor cabin. Karan laughing hard while rolling on bed holding his stomach after imagine the scene. Preetha hides her face with pillow. Karan can’t able to control his laugh. Preetha pouts staring Sarla. Grandma comes inside in her wheel chair hearing the laughing sound. She enquires them what’s going on? Sarla says to her that she shared one injection matter to him. Grandma too starts laughing with him. Grandma says to Karan that even she has some funny matters to share with him. Preetha pleads with Grandma but she didn’t mind her at all. Grandma informs to Karan that Preetha took Grandma to hospital for her regular check up. They were waiting outside to meet the doctor. One lady asked Preetha to help her reasoning she can’t able to see her son crying after taking injection. That lady asks Preetha to feed the chocolate to him If he cries a lot. Preetha nods and took her baby inside to take injection. After sometimes both came out but Preetha whom eating chocolates not that baby. That lady enquired the nurse what happened? She informed to them that Preetha started crying after see that baby got injection. Baby can’t able to tolerate her crying so gave his chocolate to her to console her. Karan laughs more hearing it. Preetha thinks all her image got damaged in front of Karan. Karan complaints that he got teary after laughing so much.

Sarla question him how come Preetha agreed to take the injection? Karan says to her its secret. Just then Karan gets a phone call. Preetha notices Mahira name in it she gets disappointed see her name for no reason. Preetha asks Sarla to give dinner to Karan. Karan says to her no need he will take dinner after he attend the phone. Sarla nods to him. Karan excuse them and leaves from there. Preetha pouts seeing him.

Screen froze