Preeran fanfiction: The way you are | Chapter – 16

Recap ( Sarla got surprised to hear that Preetha got injection. Sarla shared funny incident about Preetha to Karan. Karan laughed like hell hearing it. Grandma shared more story to him. Preetha disappointed to see Mahira on call)

Scene begins with Preetha is keep staring Karan through the window. She can’t able to see Karan laughing after talking with Mahira. Some bad vibes coming inside her whenever she see her or hear the name. Sarla asks Preetha to drink the milk. She refuses to drink in anger. Sarla is scolding Preetha to drink it. Karan hears the sound and sigh. He comes to the room and asks Sarla to talk with his friend he will make Preetha drink the milk.

Preetha thinks why did he came back not talking with Mahira. Lots of question popping up in her mind but how will she get the answer? Karan asks her to drink the milk. She bites her nails and puts a deal with him. If he answer to her questions then she will drink the milk. Karan nods with her. Preetha questions him who is his best friend? Karan replies to her as Rishab.

Preetha questions him doesn’t he has no one in his life then Rishab? He thinks and mentions Preetha name. He says to her she is his childhood best friend and still she is. Preetha gets disappointed to hear it. She is confused now if he is treating Preetha as friend then he is thinking Mahira as his girlfriend! Karan questions her what’s bothering her? Preetha wishes to question him about Mahira later changes her heart thinking its will make her more sad If he gives answer which hurting her.

Preetha says to him as nothing and drinks the milk without saying anything. Sarla gives the phone to Preetha. She hesitate to talk. She hears one gents sound Karan signals her to talk. She says hello to the caller. Rishab says hello to her. Preetha doubts why is gents talking? Rishab says to Preetha that he heard many story from Karen after he went to village. But only Preetha name is in it through out the story. Perth’s blushes to hear it. Rishab says to Preetha it’s the first time Karan staying far from him. They never separated after turned to be best friends. It seems his childhood best friend snatched his place. Preetha says to him nothing like that. He is always right lips it’ was she who talking with him non stop. Rishab complaints he is like that only.

Rishab mentions Preetha as sister. He adds to her this is the first time he is hearing that he roamed around one whole day with a girl. It’s medical miracle. Preetha question him why is it so? Rishab complaints to her that he is allergic to girls it seems he teases Karan. Perth’s gets happy to hear it. She says to him he is not behaving like this here he is mingling with her and family. Rishab complaints that Mahira is their college mate though he is not dare to speak with her more then 15 minutes. He never go out with her nor allow her to visit his house. Such a idiot he is.

Preetha happiness having no bounds to hear it. She questions him doesn’t Mahira is his best friend? Rishab comments she is a friend of him that’s it. She used to being close with him but Karan is not showing interest to her at all. Preetha questions him doesn’t Mahira called him then why is he on call? Rishab complaints that Mahira has no idea about Karan where about? So she is often visiting his house to learn about Karan that’s why she she called him. He was talking with Karan these many times. Preetha happiness having no bounds. If her leg has no problem then she would have danced like hell there.

Karan is taking with Sarla about something and admires him. She disconnects the call and lost in her dreams. She slowly drifts into her sleep. Sarla gets a phone call so she leaves from there. Karan notices Preetha slept in sitting position. Karan places her injured leg on pillow. He makes her sleep well on bed. But Preetha holds his hand in sleep and places her cheek on it. Karan has no idea what to do now? He tries to release his hand but she holds it tighter.

Karan thinks that she is still behaving like kid. He blows on her face she moves her face little. Karan removes his hand slowly. He notices the hair strands on her face. He tuk it behind her ears. He admires her sleeping like kid. He makes her cover with blankets and leaves from there.

Karan comes back to take his mobile and he notices Preetha’s diary there. He takes it in his hand and thinks Is she has a habit to write a diary? He smirks at her and wishes to read her dairy in private. Later he changes his mind thinking its wrong to read others diary. She may shared her private matters in it. He placed it back and leaves from there.

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