Preeran fanfiction: The way you are| Chapter – 17

Recap( Preetha got disappointed with Karan. Preetha talked with Rishab and learnt from him about Mahira)

Scene begins with Karan places the dairy back to its place and moves from there. Just then he notices something fishy and again enters Inside her room. He slowly removes the blanket and finds pillows were arranged under it. He removes it thoroughly. He gets shock to see Preetha is missing there. Karan doubts where is this girl now? He searches for her everywhere in that room. He remains the incident and fears little what happened to her? He starts searches for her in that room again and wishes to inform this to Sarla but changes his mind. He hears some wincing sound from terrace. He gets panics and rushes to there and notices Preetha is there. He sigh in relief. He walks to her slowly to know what’s going on there? He notices the pot broken there. He widen his eyes to see Preetha is eating ice cream secretly. She even finished 4 cup already. He placed his hands on mouth seeing Preetha’s face fully smudged with ice cream. He feels its cute and funny but he stands there quietly. He slowly recording everything in his mobile without her knowledge. Preetha notices the shadow and turns back to him. Preetha widen her eyes to see him there and about to lose her balance. Karan holds her hand tighter and asks her to be careful. Preetha sigh in relief and comments that he scared her. Karan questions her what’s going on here cat? Preetha question him who is car? He comments that she has moustache like cat so obviously she is cat. Moustache she wonders what’s he referring too? She touches her mouth and finds ice cream is all over her face. She feels embarrassed and cleans her face soon. Karan teases her that someone said dialogue to him in noon she is unlike other girls never try to impress boys while eating? Preetha raises her eyebrows and questions him who is here to impress? Doesn’t he has eyes that she is enjoying ice cream alone here. Karan nods and snatches her ice cream from her and he starts eating it. Preetha blushes to see it.

Karan says to her that he can taste different flavors in it. He never tasted like this yet. Preetha informs to him how will he taste it she prepared it in her house. Karan questions her Is she know to prepare ice cream? She says to him Is he doubting her after eating this ice cream too? Karan smiles to her sheepishly and applies ice cream on her nose. Preetha says to him that she don’t like to waste food. Karan apologies to her. Karan says to Preetha she is thinking like this but now a days its trend to smash cake on birthday boy or girl face on their cake. Preetha says to him she knew it but some peoples are not aware of the danger behind it. Karan questions her what’s it? Perth’s informs to him that usually bakers used to hide stick inside the layer cake to make it looks perfect. He can imagine the result what If someone tries to smash cake on that person face. Those sticks may harm that person eyes or face. It’s highligly dangerous. Karan nods with her. Preetha adds that she usually don’t like parties it’s all waste of time and money. Spending time with family is matters to her a lot. Karan says to her its may suitable to her but he can’t be like this. Preetha stares him in questioning way? Karan informs to her they might give party to their clients after the deal. It’s actually a formality followed by business field. Preetha nods to him.
Karan questions her does she know classical dance? Preetha says to him she don’t know. He questions her Is she know to sing classical song? Preetha nods no again. Preetha question him why is he asking like this? According to her knowledge he is not a fan of these two fields. Karan shakes his head in yes. He says to her that he talked about Preetha to Mahira she comments that Preetha may looks like classical dancer or singer that’s why he asked her. Hearing Mahira name she gets irked. She says to him that Mahira is still living in last century it seems. Who said all village peoples like only classical music and learn classical dance? She rolled her eyes and comments she may be thinking village peoples are not educated too. Karan asks her to calm down and says to her nothing like that she just said like that after watching movies. Preetha asks him to leave Mahira matters and talk something else. Karan enquires her about wounds? She says to him it’s not paining much. Karan questions her Is she know to cook? Preetha nods to him. Karan gives few favourite list to her and asks her to cook it for him after her wounds healed. Preetha agrees with him.

Karan questions Preetha Is she living anyone out of the blue? Preetha shocks to hear it!

Screen froze.