Preeran fanfiction: The way you are| Chapter – 18

Recap( Karan got tensed when Preetha missing in her room. Karan found her in terrace. Preetha and Karan had a good chat with each other)

Scene begins in Karan questions Preetha Is she loving anyone? Preetha didn’t expected this question from him? She is in dilemma what to answer him now? She is loving Karan all these years but how will she shares it to him? She has a fear in her what if he rejects her love after she confess to him? Another side she doubts what if Karan trying to learn who is in her heart? He may be trying to confess her after confirming no one in her heart. She wants to see Karan confessing to her first. Still she is confused what if he misunderstand that she don’t have interest on him that’s why she shares to him no one in her heart. Karan brings her back to earth by repeating the same question? Preetha questions him why is he so interested in her matters today? Karan says to her nothing much he just wants to know Is someone in your heart? Perth’s thinks he is in her heart. Preetha says to him that she will marry the person whom her parents choosing!

Karan questions her doesn’t she has any expectations about her future husband? Preetha thinks that she loved him not even stared him once after he grown up then how will she judge the appearance? Preetha says to him that character is matters to her. He wanna take care of her well and treat her parents like his own that’s enough to her. Karan says to her that Preetha’s expectations are so simple.

Preetha says to him it may easy to hear but it’s toughest one actually. Preetha asks him to share his expectation about his future wife. Karan face turns to sad hear it. Preetha notices it and questions him what happened? He lies to her as nothing. Preetha says to him she can read from his expression that something bothering him! Karan says to her nothing like that he was thinking Is he has such expectation? But he don’t have any expectations about future wife or marriage. Preetha questions him why? He says to her he never got time to think about it all.

Preetha says to him she can’t able to believe him. She asks him to answer her honestly He never fall for anyone in his life yet? He never felt such attraction to anyone yet? Karan turns to sad again and says to Preetha it’s the truth that he has no time to think about it all. He was busy in college and school days too. He concentrated more on studies after mom’s death. Then he was so focused on cricket game in college days and ended up in business. Preetha says to him in teasing way that she thought he was in relationship with someone. It’s not a big deal to the peoples whom living in Mumbai city. Karan says to Preetha not only Mahira she is also watched many movies it seems. Karan says to her clearly its all depends on feelings. He never got such attraction to anyone yet. Let’s see who is gonna caught his attention. Preetha turns sad hearing it. She thinks that she may be not into his expectation. She didn’t impressed him yet so he is just treating her like his friend only.

Preetha smiles to Karan fakely. Preetha stares him and thinks what should she do to get place in his heart. She is expecting the true love from him. She don’t wanna get marry to him for parents wish instead she wanna marry him after knowing she is in his heart. Or else their life won’t be happy. Preetha is lost in her thoughts. Karan questions her doesn’t she has college? Preetha informs to him that she is on leave now. After one week study holiday starting here. So she will go back to hostel after that. Just then someone tears both Preetha and Karan ears. They winces in pain.

Screen froze.