Preeran fanfiction: The way you are| Chapter – 19

Recap( Karan and Preetha opened up each other)

Scene begins with Preetha and Karan are chitchatting with each other. Someone tears both Preetha and Karan ears. They winces in pain and surprise to see Sarla there. She questions them what are they doing here in this time? Karan thinks that Sarla may misunderstand the situation and trying to explain her what happened in nervous. Sarla questions him why is he stammering? She just teasd him. She informs to him that Preetha usually do this always whenever she never getting sleep. She will make ice cream and eat it while sitting in terrace. But she is surprised to see Karan with her. Karan says to her that she checked Preetha in her room but she is not there. Then he came here hearing the sound. Perth’s says something to Sarla in mute. Sarla caresses Karan face and says to him don’t stare her like third person. Not only Rakhi but also Sarla is also like his mom. He can call her as mom hereafter. He can share anything with her considering her as his own mom. She is always be a mentor to him. Karan hugs Sarla and thank her. She wipes his tears and ask him to be happy always. Sarla asks them to go and sleep then leaves from there. Karan questions Preetha what did she said to her mom? Doesn’t she asked Salra to say this to him? Preetha says to him that he is trying hard to hide his feelings from them that’s she wishes to remind him they will be always there for him. Karan hugs Peeetha makes her eyes widen in shock. He cries little bit and thank her for understanding him. Preetha smiles and pats his back.

Karan realizes his position and takes his hand from her. He thank her and turns back in guilt. He thinks why did he turned so emotional? He shouldn’t have hugged Preetha in this way. Preetha notices for changes in his behavior. She always feels something wierd near Karan like he is hiding something from all. Hearing from Rishab she learnt that he is not much close to anyone but he is talking normal with her. What’s bothering him she wishes to comfort him but it’s seems Karan needs some more time to open up with her. Just then rain starts pouring there. Karan alerts Preetha but she holds his hand. Preetha says to him that she don’t know what’s running on his mind. She can understand something is bothering him. He may hiding it deep inside his heart without sharing it to anyone. Karan stares her in open mouth when she caught his feelings. Preetha says to him don’t run away seeing this rain. May be this rain drench him thoroughly but it can able to give peace to him also. Just forgot what’s bothering him and welcome your happiness like the way earth welcoming this rain. Just close your eyes and feel the smell of the sand. He can get immense pleasure inside him. Whom knows he can feel ease if he try to give up the hard feelings and enjoy it. Karan is in dilemma whether to believe her or not? Will he can able to forget his bitter past like Preetha said? Karan leaves her hand and starts walking away leaving Confused Preetha behind.

Karan stands under the roof to prevent him from drenching. Preetha says to Karan you may grown up but still he is same Karan to her. She believes in her Karan can over come anything. She pleads him to forget everything and be her childhood friend to her at least this rain stop. Karan smiles and walks near her. He holds her hand and closed his eyes. Some old memories passes through his mind. His grip on Preetha were tight while he recollect the memories. But he could feel some good memories too the way he spended with Rishab in college. His childhood memories with Preetha and mom. He feels little emotional and ease his heart. He opens his eyes to see Preetha staring him with her charming smile. Karan thank her. Both starts drenching in rain. Preetha questions him Is he know to dance? He nods while winking at her. Preetha says to him why don’t he give company to her then? Both Preetha and Karan dance in that rain like kids. They turns to kids again. Suddenly Preetha caught cold she starts sneeze there. Karan says to her its enough you already caught cold. Preetha says to him nothing to worry let’s dance again. He says she won’t listen to him and forces her to take down. She lost her grip and falls on his chest. Karan feels something strange inside him. His heart is beating faster usually. He stares Preetha she is looking beautiful to his eyes on that second. Preetha apologies to him and walks to her room. She says good night to him and closes her door. Karan is feeling strange inside him. He ignore his thoughts and leaves from there.

Next day morning someone knocks on door. Karan asks the person to come inside and he continues his sleeping. That person asks Karan to wake up and drink the coffee. Karan holds that person hand and starts sleeping again. That person kisses on his forehead lovingly. Karan smiles in sleep and wakes up. Good morning wifey. She blushes to him. Just then he hears another knock on his door. Karan makes up from his dream and scratches his head. What’s dream is this? He moves to open the door. Sarla is there to give his morning coffee. He sip it and praises the coffee. Sarla asks him to praise Preetha for it reasoning she prepared it for him. Karan questions her why did she allowed her to do it doesn’t her leg got wound? Sarla informs to him that she is not ready to listen her. She is busy in kitchen to prepare all his favourite dishes. Sarla leaves from there. Karan thinks this girl won’t listen anyone words. He leaves to fresh up.

Sceen froze

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