Preeran fanfiction: The way you are| Chapter – 20

Recap( Sarla opens up with Karan. Preetha advised to Karan. Karan starts admiring Preetha)

Scene begins in Karan comes to call and notices Shekhar and Mahesh are chitchatting there. Karan enquires to Shekhar when did he back? He informs to him early morning. Shekhar thank Karan. Karan questions him why is he thinking him out of blue? Shekhar informs to him that Preetha knew to cook well but she won’t cook daily. She used to cook when her mood is good. She is cooking busily today because Karan asked her to cook for him. Because of him he gonna taste her hand made food again. Shekhar asks Karan to tell Preetha cook Kesari for him. Karan says to him but he don’t like kesari but rasagulla. Shekhar says to its for him not for Karan. He nods to him and go to kitchen. He notices Preetha is hell busy in preparing everything. Karan says to Preetha he will help her too. He feels bad to make her cook for him this much. Preetha says to him nothing like that she is doing this happily. She asks him to leave from there. Karan says to her at least he will sit there to entertain her. Preetha thank him and throws the carrot to him. He starts eating it while sharing his funny incident he shared with Rishab to her.

Preetha is mixing the dough and laughing hell after hearing his funny stories. Somewhere Karan admiring her smile. She is looking beautiful while smiling like that. He notices her hair strand are disturbing her face. She tries to remove it with her hand. Dough sticks on her face he feels it as cute. Karan has no idea why is he staring her like this without even blinking. He stops her and helps her to tuck the hair strand behind her ears. Both feels something new emotions inside them when they are very close to each other. Karan moves back to his place to control his newly found feelings inside him. Whatever he tries his eyes are staring her only. Preetha questions him where were he lost? He lies to her that he wanna call to Rishab but forgot. Preetha asks him to go and talk with him she will finish the cooking soon. He nods and runs from there. Karan doubts why is he feeling strange near Preetha. He didn’t feel anything like this before but what happened to him out of the blue!

He dials to Risheb phone is not connecting to he moves to Preetha’s garden. He reminds the way Preetha smelled the flowers there. He smiles unknowingly. He notices the ganesh statue there and reminds his first encounter with Preetha in this house. He laughs alone thinking about their crazy fight. Reality strikes him why is he always thinking about Preetha now? He calls to Rishab he attends the phone and informs to Karan he is in urgent meeting and disconnects the call. Karan pouts and thinks what will he do now to divert his mind from Preetha? He wishes to call Mahira later changes his mind thinking its better to thinking about Preetha then talking with this mental Mahira. He notices Mahesh and Shekhar are discussing about something serious. Karan moves near him and questions Mahesh what’s going on here? Mahesh informs to Karan day after tomorrow Sarla and Shekhar 30th wedding Anniversary. So they are discussing about how to celebrate it grandly. Mahesh informs to Karan that he will leave after the wedding Anniversary but Karan can stay here as much he wants. Karan nods to him. Karan assures to Shekhar he will help him to arrange everything for function. Shekhar thank him and asks Karan to help Preetha in it. Mahesh informs to him if he wish to invite his friends then he can. Karan nods to him.

Karan, Shekhar praises the lunch. Preetha serves more to them. After Karan eat he makes Preetha, Sarla sit there and serves to them. He admires them eating. Evening Preetha knocks on his door but she didn’t hear any sound so she enters into his room. She widen her eyes seeing Karan in shirtless pose. She drops down the things and turns away blushing. Karan too shouts and wears his shirt soon. Preetha apologies to him and runs away from that room. Karan feels embarrassed there. Preetha bangs her head and bites her nails in nervous. She thinks Karan may misunderstand her what will he think about her? Karan comes there and gives a fake cough. Preetha touches her ears and apologies to him. He finds its as cute and tells her its ok. Preetha asks him to accompany her to meet the event management company. Karan nods to her. This time Karan is driving the car Preetha is sitting beside him. She admires the cuckoo which places inside the car. She questions him why is he placed cuckoo inside the car his taste is strange shr comments. Karan says to her its Rishab gift to him. Preetha comments it as cute. She checks her handbag and takes out small games idol. She places it near by cuckoo. She says to him its her gift to him. Karan says it’s pretty he thank her. Just then they reaches to the company. Preetha is talking with them. That staff asks them to select the decorations designs. Perth’s and Karan enters inside the room. Preetha is checking the lights staff turns on the switch. Preetha is staring the lights and asks to Karan which one is looking good? But Karan is totally lost in her beauty under the light. He is shaking his head for all unaware of the situation. Preetha doubts what happened to him? He feels like his heart is participating in marathon considering with its faster heart beats.

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