Preeran fanfiction: The way you are | Chapter – 22

Recap( Karan admired Preetha, Sarla and Shekhar discussed about Preetha’s alliance with Karan. Preetha gave surprise to Karan)

Scene begins with Rishab introduces to Preetha she gets happy to meet him there. Preetha questions him Is he find out the location easily? How was his travel? He informs to her everything is alright. Rishab praises her beauty she blushes and thank him. Rishab questions her where is his half brother? Preetha points Karan to him. Karan is busy in selecting dress for Preetha. Rishab widen his eyes and says to Preetha it’s medical miracle. Preetha stares him in confusing way. Rishab informs to her that Karan never selected dress for ladies yet he is seeing this first time he is choosing dress. He questions her who is that lucky girl? Preetha raises her imaginary collar and says it’s her. Rishab claps in air and says good job. He wishes to surprise Karan so he goes behind him and questions him Would he like to select something trendy for him too? Karan gets surprise to hear Rishab voice and turns back to him. But his surprise Preetha is staring him and she is talking in Rishab voice.

Karan questions her Is she really talking in Rshab voice or he hears wrongly. Preetha says it’s his illusion in Rishab voice. Karan about to hold her ears Preetha hides behind Rishab. Rishab says it’s as surprise. Karan happiness having no bounds after seeing him there. Both hugs her and sharing a funny moments with each other. Preetha asks them to stop their brommance and say how is her surprise? Karan thank her for inviting him for her parents wedding anniversary. Karan questions Rishab he didn’t take Mahira with him right? He nods in smirking way. Karan takes sigh in relief. Preetha notices it and smiles little. Preetha wishes to tease him so she asks to Karan shall she invite her too? Karan shakes his head negatively in pleading way. Preetha controls her smile and nods with him.

Preetha asks him to show the dress which he chose for her? Karan gives two sarie to her and comments he is confused which one would be perfect to Preetha from this? Preetha holds the two sarie and says she will choose both then. Rishab and Karan looks at each other and comments good idea. They are busy in purchasing the dress there happily. Karan stands beside the statue and pose like it. Preetha takes a picture of him. Preetha too follows him and poses like the statue.

Rishab is recording their fun time. They reaches to hotel. Preetha orders Karan’s favourite food before him and asks Rishab to say his order. Rishab says it and notices the Preetha’s understanding about Karan. He even notices the way Karan talking with Preetha casually and often pulling her legs. Rishab finds out that his brother is falling for Preetha slowly without his knowledge. He guesses it from his phone conversation with him but he witnessed the bond between them. Rishab actually feels happy for Karan after seeing him close with Preetha and being a happy person near her. Looks like Preetha is taking care of Karan always. He finds the feelings for Karan in her eyes too. Both Preetha and Karan are fighting like kids while saying her food is best. Rishab thinks it’s his duty to unite these two love birds and being a cupid between them. Rishab gives a solution to their fight and asks Preetha to feed Karan. He asks Karan to feed her back and give a opinion.

Preetha forwards the food to Karan he feels strange seeing it. He hesitated to eat with her hand. Rishab understand him and signals him to eat soon. Karan opens his mouth Preetha feeds him happily and questions him how is it? Karan eyes almost turns to teary and says to her good. Preetha pout hearing the result. He tells her tasty. Preetha smiles and asks him to feed her back. Karan smiles and feeds her back. She mentions it as yummy and starts eating with his plate. Karan feels happy to see her taking advantage of him and smiles. He admires her eating. Rishab smirks seeing it. Rishab asks him to finish Preetha’s plate casually. Karan nods and eats her food.

Rishab recording their cute moments and small eyelock without their knowledge. They finishes eating. Preetha walks to and forth outside the mall. Karan asks to her what happened? Preetha informs to him that she is full she can’t able to travel now she will vomit. Karan teases her as foodie and asks her to eat less. Preetha throws the things on him Karan starts to run here and there Preetha is chasing him. She feels tired after running too much and sits there tiredly. Karan too sits beside her. Preetha breaths heavily and says to him she will take care of him later. Karan asks to her how is she feeling now? Is she feel full now? Preetha feels little relief and says not at all. Karan raises his collar proudly see this is his treatment. Preetha glares him and burst out in laugh. Karan takes her to car and says to her don’t forget the advise eat less. She shouts his name loudly in irrittation. Rishab asks Karan to stop making fun of his sister. Preetha pouts. Sarla and Shekhar left already do only these three are here. Karan sits in driver seat. Rishab wishes to start his mission. He stops Preetha from sitting back seat and asks her to sit beside Karan reasoning he feels tired so he wanna take rest. Preetha nods and sits beside him.

Scene froze

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