Preeran fanfiction: The way you are| Chapter – 24

Recap( Preetha pulled Karan leg. Rishab and Karan took funny revenge on Preetha. Preetha punished Karan and Rishab. Rishab on mission to unite Preetha and Karan)

Scene begins with Rishab notices Preetha coming to his side. He messaged Karan to come downstairs. Rishab asks Preetha to help him to stick the flowers on door. Preetha nods and stands on the stool. Preetha asks Rishab to hold the stool tighter he assures to her he will take care of it. Karan comes there seeing this he pushes the stool Preetha loss her balance and about to fall down but Karan holds her on time. He carries her in his arm and losts in the eyelock with her. Rishab feels proud of planning something like this. Just then he come back to the earth when Preetha touches his shoulder. He doubts why is she here and where is Karan? He takes nearly 2 minutes to realize he day dreamed. Preetha asks him to say dreaming and concentrate on work. She says to him that he is her brother it means today is his parents wedding Anniversary so work hard. Rishab says that she is emotionally locking him to work hard. He complaints that he is a M.D but she is making him work a lot. Preetha says to him nothing like that if he don’t wanna do it she won’t force him.

Rishab asks her to stop her drama. He notices Karan coming near them. Rishab asks Preetha to help him stick the flower on door. Peetha complaints that he is taller then her then why don’t he stick it by himself. Rishab thinks why is she spoilng his plan. Rishab says to her that he will hold the stool tighter so she can stand on it safely. Preetha notices Karan there and asks him to help Rishab. He nods to her. Rishab face palm himself for the situation going in reverse. Karan stands on the stool and stick the flowers on door. Karan asks Rishab to hold the stool tighter. Rishab nods sighing. Preetha is staring Karan and smiles. Karan somewhere lost in her eyes. Rishab thinks it’s perfect time to add souce in spicy. He shakes the stool little
Karan lost his balance and falls on Preetha. Both Karan and Preetha feels strange feelings inside them. Karan feels his heart beats are raising mean while Preetha feels shiver run down to her spine. Rishab smirks seeing them. Both Karan and Preetha are lost in their eyelock. Rishab notices Sarla coming to that side he thinks wrong timing and gives a fake cough to alert them. Karan comes back to his world and tries to get up but slips again and falls on Preetha. He never expects that he will kiss her like this accidentally. He widen his eyes and gets up with the help of Rishab then runs from there in embarrassment. Preetha blushes Rishab helps her to get up. Preetha runs to her room hiding her blush. Sarla questions Rishab why is Preetha running like this? He says to her they took rehearsal how to kiss in future? Sarla questions him what? Rishab says that they planned something for their wedding anniversary so they practices rehearsal here. Sarla smiles and praises Preetha and leaves. Rishab follows Karan.

Preetha locks the room and breathes heavily. She blushes thinking about how did Karan kissed on her cheek accidently. She is feeling nervous and excited in same time too. Karan thinks how will he face Preetha again? What will she think about him? Rishab asks him to stop worrying about it. Preetha can understand its a accident one so she won’t take him bad. Karan thinks embarrassed there. Rishab says to him that Karan kissed Preetha. It may be accident one but he kissed her that’s the matter here. How was the kiss Rishab asks to him in teasing way? Karan asks him to shut up and leaves from there. Rishab thinks let’s see how many days he gonna hide his feelings like this? Karan keeps reminds about the accident kiss matters. But he is having smiles in his lips when ever he thinks about it. Karan thinks what’s going on here? He can’t able to give a name to his strange feelings. Karan reaches near Preetha room. She is busy in writing the incident in diary.

Karan knocks the door. Preetha immediately hides the diary and opens it. Preetha blushes seeing Karan she thinks how to face Karan. She gets a message she reads it and notices the guilt in Karan face. Preetha tells him don’t feel bad age won’t take him wrong. It’s an accident so stop feeling embarrassed Karan. Karan thank her for not taking him as wrong. Preetha questions him why is he reacting like he is kissing her for the first time? Karan gets shock to hear it? He questions her when did he kissed her other then this?

Preetha smirks at him and moves inside her room to bring some photo. She shows it to him Karan takes it from her and see it. In all childhood photos anyone kissing other. Preetha tells him that she remembers my mom words. Karan questions her what’s it? Karan likes to kiss her but Rakhi aunty said to him he can’t able to kiss her if she married to someone else in future.
Preetha tells him that Karan replied
Rakhi that he gonna marry Preetha in future. Karan reminds those incident and stares Preetha with new emotions. Preetha waves in front of him to bring him back to earth. Karan says to her its all happened in childhood he comments. Preetha questions him doesn’t he wanna marry her now? Karan stands there rooted without answer. Preetha tells him no need to be shocked she just teased him. Preetha leaves from there excusing him. Preetha takes breath in relief.

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