PreeRan Fanfiction: The way you are | Chapter 34

Scene begins in Mahira house, Karan reaches to home tired. He smells something good but later he ignores it thinking servant won’t cook anything tasty like the way Preetha cooked for him. He checks his mobile and walks to his room. He feels different after enters into his room. He notices the difference in his room. His things are misplaced. It’s not looks like his old room at all. He gets angry seeing it all. He calls the servant but no reply from other side. Whom changed his room? He throws his over coat on bed and rushes to kitchen while rolling up his shirt sleeve. He mentions Selvi name loudly and questions her why did she changed his room? But no reply coming from kitchen. He looks around the kitchen and finds no one is there. He dials to her number and learns from her she is on leave for one week. He gets doubt whom changed his room in this way? He finds new dishes are ready in kitchen. He smells it and feels awesome. He takes small steps and finds many things changed in his house. He dials to his dad but he is not attending the call. He thought may he appointed new servant till Selvi return. Karan enters into his room to find his coat is missing in bed. He doubts where is it doesn’t he throw it on bed before went down? Something suspicious here. He looks around the room and finds his coat in cupboard.

Karan doubts who puts it here. Something is fishy. He finds someone presence in his room this smell is familiar to him. He finds little shadow near by curtain. He walks near it and removes the curtain no one is there. He turns back frustrated. He gets shock of his life. Preetha standing there while raising his eyebrows at him. Karan has no words to describe his happiness seeing her there. He thought its his dream again. Because he was getting illusion of Preetha whole day. He just stands there smiling at her and starts walking away ignoring her. Preetha glares at him for not minding him. Hello mister didn’t you see me here? What’s that look? Preetha questions him in anger. Karan thinks that he is disturbed a lot with this illusion now he even started hearing her voice too. Its high time to consult Psychiatrist. He starts unbuttoning his shirt staring at Preetha through mirror thinking her as illusion. Preetha closes her eyes and turns back while shouting.

Karan stops unbutton his shirt and walks near Preetha. He doubts whether its real or not? He touches her shoulder. He can feel her touch. His heart starts beating faster feeling her presence near him. Is it really you Preetha he questions her to confirm his doubt. Preetha checks him through her corner of her eyes and confirms that he didn’t removed his shirt. She starts beating him. Karan shouts ouch stop beating me its paining. Preetha questions him how dare he to ignore me and unbutton his shirt in front of her? Karan apologies to her and tries to manage the situation. He don’t wanna reveal to her that he was dreaming about her the whole day. Preetha smiles at him.

Karan enquires to her how come she is here? Where is her family? Why didn’t she informed to him about her visit? If she would have informed to him earlier he would have picked her. Did you ear anything where is everyone? Perth’s asks him to take breath first. She questions him how will she answer him if he continuously question her in this way? Karan smiles at her. Preetha smiles back to him and says she came here morning itself along with her family. Her parents went out with Mahesh to meet someone. She felt bored here so she cooked something for Karan and chanted his room little. Karan looks around his room and finds its perfect. He thank her for changing his room according to her wish. Preetha asks him to don’t lie he don’t like it that’s why he searched Selvi to scold her. Karan deny it and complaints he thought Servant whom touched his things. He has important things and files that’s why. He won’t allow them to touch his things. Preetha questions him what if she touch it? He answers to her that he don’t mind. Preetha asks him to eat with her reasoning she is hungry. Karan nods and goes with her.

Screen froze.

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