Preeran fanfiction: The way you are!

Characteristic sketch:

Karan : Main lead of the story. Karan is the only heir of Mahesh Industries. He is a reserved type. Mayan uses to give importance to friendship but Karan has some dark past too. He has two best friends. Karan is helping in his father business.

Mahesh : Karan’s father. He is taking care of Mahesh’s industries. He gives all freedom to Karan. When it comes to business he used to get idea from Karan. He is keeping one secret with him to protect his son.

Rakhi: Mother of Karan. She died when Karan is kid. After her death Mahesh whom raised Karan alone.

Rishab: He is the close friend of Karan. He is doing business with Karan in partnership. Karan who used stick with Karan in always.

Mahira: She is the only female friend of Karan. She loves Karan one sided from college days. She didn’t confess her love to him. She is close with Karan for her personal reasons. She dislikes if girls try to friend with Karan. An obsessed one side lover. ( plays negative role)

Preeta: Female lead of the story. She is the only daughter of Shekhar and Sarla. She is living in village. Innocent talkative girl. She is living a simple life with her family.

Shekhar and Sarla: Parents of Preeta. They are treating Preeta like their Princess. They are family friend with Mahesh’s family. Preeta and Karan are childhood friends.

Grandma ( she will be mention as grandma through out the story) she is Rakhis’ mother. Now Shekhar is taking care of her in village.

Sherlyn: she is a mystery role ( will reveal later)

They are the important roles in this story.

What is Karan’s dark side? What’s Mahesh hiding from all? How will Karan meet his better half? What will be Mahira’s motive? Who is Sherlyn? All these questions answer will be reveal in our chapters. So stay tune with our page for more updates.