Preeran fanfiction: The way you are|Chapter – 23

Recap ( Rishab gave surprise visit to Karan. Karan chose dress for Preetha. Trio enjoyed together. Rishab wished to unite Preetha and Karan)

Scene begins in Event management team are decorating the house for the function. Rishab hears some sounds so he wakes up from his sleep and walks out to check what’s going on there. He surprise to see Karan is chasing Preetha. She is hiding from his sight. Rishab stops Karan and enquires him why is he chasing his innocent sister? Preetha pouts and asks him to tell the answer. Karan glares her and complaints she is not innocent but naughty. Rishab says what’s wrong in it? First tell him why is he chasing her? Karan shows his both hands to him. Rishab questions him why is his hand looking red? karan signals Rishab to ask Preetha? Preetha hides behind Rishab. Karan complaints that she applied henna on his hand. Rishab widen his eyes and pretends like shocked. Just then he bursts out in laugh. Karan questions him why is he laughing like this? Preetha informs to him that Rishab whom asked her to apply Henna on his hand and runs from there. Rishab widen his eyes after hearing it and nods negatively. Karan glares Rishab and both starts chasing each other and creates a scene there. Both Handsome guys looks so funny after their fights. Preetha clicks their pics and comments both looks so funny if her upload it on social media than she will get huge likes for it. Karan and Rishab looks at each other and signals something. They gives funny pose to her and diverts her. Both Rishab and Karan applies color on her face and shouts as happy holi. Preetha pots and comments its not holy today. She throws colors on them while chasing. Preetha throws color on Mahesh without noticing. Trio turns silent. Preetha hides behind Karan and whisper him to save her. What makes them surprise Mahesh laughs and throws colors on them. Let’s celebrate holi today. Everyone joins with them and create a mess in that house giving tough time to event management team.

After few hours Karan and Rishab are moping the floor. Preetha is busy in applying Henna in her hand. She is ordering them to clean well. Karan complaints that he is CEO of Mahesh industries see his state now. Rishab complaints he is a working partner of him but he made him mop the floor. Preetha comments they must learn this kind of work to impress their future wife. Rishab laughs seeing Karan and imagines How Karan gonna do household work after married to Preetha. Karan stares him in confusion and questions him why is he laughing? Rishab says nothing. Karan imagines how will Rishab works for his wife and laughs. Preetha shouts stop laughing and concentrate on their work. Mahesh comes there and questions Preetha Is they working properly? Preetha tells him that she is watching them nothing to worry. Karan complaints that he is doing unfair. Doesn’t he played with them then why is he only punishing them? Mahesh replies to him that whom started this game? Because of them event management people can’t able to do their work properly. He asks them to finish the work and helps the people by saying this he leaves.

Preetha shows tongue to Karan. He glared her and mopping the floor. Rishab asks him to concentrate on work. Preetha asks to Rishab how is her mehandi? He praises the design but Karan teases her by saying its not suitable to her hand. She would have tried different one. Preetha pouts and leaves from there. Rishab asks to him why is he teasing her? Karan tells him that he likes to tease her. Rishab thinks that Karan not only likes to tease Preetha but also love her too. He thinks when will Karan realizes his love? In evening time Preetha is rushing everyone to finish their work soon. Rishab notices Preetha is busy in ordering everyone instead of being close with Karan. He wishes to create a incident to bring them close. He imagines many movie scene to use here then gets some idea. He wishes to ask Preetha to stick the flowers on door and shakes the chair little when Karan coming to that side. Then Karan will hold her on time both will loss in their eyelock. Romance will start in between them. He blushes thinking about it. He notices Preetha coming to his side.

Screen froze

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