October 17, 2019
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Prem sees Sakshi in Sandhya: Kawach!

Colors TV supernatural show Kawach will witness high voltage drama ahead after Prem will call Sandhya his mother.

So far in the story it is seen Sandhya and Angad comes to know about Kapli’s secret. The duo gets to know that Kapil and his family were murdered and thus he and his wife is taking revenge from them. Because Kapil and Sakshi died after Kapil raised his voice against the fake insurance case.

Otherside, Sandhya gets pregnant and the priest tells her that her child might bring trouble for her. Inspite of knowing the consequences Sandhya decides to give birth to the child. Meanwhile, Sandhya’s father reveals a shocking truth about Sandhya’s twin sister Sakshi. He tells to everyone that priest told him about Sakshi how he send Sakshi away from the house.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Sandhya will search for Prem.

Sandhya sees in her dream of a boy and decides to find him. Later, Sandhya, Ankit, Karthik and Akhil will find Prem. Sandhya will inform Angad about the boy and will take him to the doctor. Doctor will inform them that the boy was staying alone since 7years. Prem will see Sakshi in Sandhya and will hug her calling her Mother.

What next will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

Who is the boy and what Sandhya will do next to keep him with her. To know more keep watching colors TV show Kawach sat-sun at 8pm.

For all the latest updates, news and spoilers stay tuned with us.

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