Prema Entha Maduram 20th October 2023 Written Update: Suguna in a happy place

Prema Entha Maduram 20th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi scolding the sharpshooter as he killed Surya instead of Arya. Chaya Devi and Jalandhar come to Mansi. Chaya Devi asks Mansi what is she doing? Mansi says she is asking the sharpshooter if he killed Surya or not? Jalandhar asks the sharpshooter if the work is done. The sharpshooter says yes. Jalandhar learns that Suguna is waiting for her son and there is no news of Surya’s death. Jalandhar asks the sharpshooter about it. The sharpshooter says he killed the guy who they asked him to kill. Jalandhar asks his men to settle the sharpshooter account. The sharpshooter leaves from there. Chaya Devi asks Jalandhar to get Suguna’s signature. Jalandhar agrees. Jalandhar leaves from there.

Chaya Devi feels suspicious as there is no news of Surya’s death and she thinks they can find out what really happened with following Arya.

Anu calls Suguna and asks Suguna how is she? Suguna says she slept really well due to the medicine. Suguna asks Anu to come with her children to her hotel. Anu agrees. Anu says to Akanksha and Abhay that they are going to a hotel. Abhay and Akanksha feel elated hearing this.

Divya asks Usha to prepare Chutney and asks Suguna to start preparing food as they have to open the hotel. Suguna asks Divya if it is necessary to open the hotel. Suguna says to Divya she wouldn’t be able to talk with Surya if they open the hotel. Divya comments on Suguna and says to Suguna that if they don’t open the hotel for 1 day then they might lose customers. Suguna hearing this agrees to prepare food.

Usha asks Suguna if she will be able to identify Surya if he returns home. Suguna says to Usha about how Surya used to be in his childhood.

Arya takes Surya’s things from Zende and goes to Suguna’s house. Arya calls for Suguna.

Suguna comes and asks who is he? Arya says he is her Surya. Suguna feels elated as she feels that she met her son after 20 years. Suguna asks Usha to get Aarthi. Suguna gives Aarthi to Arya. Suguna asks Arya to come inside.

Suguna and Arya pray to God. Suguna wishes that Surya will always be with her. Suguna introduces her three daughters to Surya. Arya asks them how are they? Jyothi satirically says they don’t know if they should be alive or dead. Divya says to Surya that he wanted to know how are they right? Divya says to Arya about their family situation.

Episode ends.

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