Prerna Confronts Anurag in Kasautii Zindagi Kay

Star plus one of the most popular shows Kasautii Zindagi Kay keeps the audience engrossed with its major twists and high voltage drama. In the upcoming episodes, we will be witnessing some major confrontation between Prerna, Anurag, and Mr.Bajaj.

Prerna will feel guilty for Anurag’s actions and will try to justify herself to Mr.Bajaj.Anurag soon reaches there while Prerna tries to make Bajaj understand.Mr.Bajaj assures her he will not harm anyone and will purposefully take his hand so that Prerna holds his hand. Anurag will see them holding hands and feels jealous.Mr.Bajaj will warn Prerna that he has given many chances to Anurag and he will no longer do so. He states her clearly that from now on Anurag will have to face the consequences for his actions.

Later Prerna will go to the Kitchen and Anurag will follow her. Seeing Anurag there, Prerna will confront him for hiring goons to hurt Bajaj. Anurag will get stunned by her statement and will try to explain himself but no avail. Prerna will refuse to listen. Anurag will struggle to justify himself and make Prerna understand. Elsewhere Komalika will be undergoing plastic surgery after an accident.

Will Anurag manage to pacify Prerna? What will be Komalika’s next move. Keep watching your favorite show and stay tuned for more updates.