Prerna learns a shocking truth about Mr. Bajaj: Kasauti Zindagi Kay

Shocking twist ahead in Kasauti Zindagi Kay!

Next in Star Plus Kasauti Zindagi Kay will see Prerna will learn about Sneha. Mr. Bajaj will tell Prerna about his daughter and the reason why he married her. Mr. Bajaj’s confrontation will shock Prerna. Otherside, Anurag will join hand with Nivedita and will decide to finish Bajaj.

In the tonight episode will see, Veena will reach Bajaj Mansion where she will confront Prerna.

Prerna will try to assure Veena about Mr. Bajaj. But Veena will lash her out and will talk bad about Mr. Bajaj and will leave.  Prerna will try to follow her but will slip and will fall. Mr. Bajaj will see this and will rush to aid her, but Prerna will shout at Mr. Bajaj.

Mr. Bajaj will try to calm her out saying her mother was angry so she was saying bad things. Mr. Bajaj will then inform Prerna that he will reveal the real reason behind marrying her. Prerna will try to ask him what but Mr. Bajaj will leave without informing. Prerna will follow Mr.Bajaj.

Mr. Bajaj will reach school; Prerna will follow him there also. Mr. Bajaj will hug Sneha and will show her wounded finger. Mr Bajaj will get angry and will confront principal for being carelessness despite his huge donation but the teacher will put blame on Sneha.  Later, at Bajaj Mansion Mr. Bajaj will reveal the real reason behind marrying Prerna. Mr. Bajaj will tell her that he had marriage her just for the sake of Sneha and not to hurt Anurag or for any revenge. Here, Anurag and Nivedita will join hand to destroy Mr. Bajaj.

What Prerna will do next after learning the truth? What will be Anurag’s next move to destroy Mr. Bajaj? Well, to know more don’t miss watching Kasauti Zindagi Kay.

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