Prerna to meet with an accident in kasauti ZIndagi Kay

Kasauti Zindagi Kay is bringing about some nail-biting twists and turns. It’s showcasing some amazing drama even though there is a bit of sadness prevailing that AnuPre is once again separated by destiny. In the upcoming track of Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Molay will inform Anurag that his best friend Rashes has passed away. Anurag on hearing this will fell bad and also will feel extremely sad.

Meanwhile, Komolika will enter the Basu house and will see the house filled with agarbattis. Komolika will make fun of the agarbattis in the house. Later, Mohini will ask Anurag and Komolika to visit the kuldevi mandir. While Anurag being reluctant for the event, both Komolika and Mohini will persuade him to go to the mandir.

Prerna, on the other hand, will also get to know about their visit to the mandir. Later, while Anurag and Komolika visit the kuldevi mandir, Prerna will also come there and will keep an eye on them. While keeping an eye on them, Prerna will meet with an accident and Anurag will offer to help her.

Will Anurag remember any bits of his memory related to Prerna? Keep reading for more updates?