Prerna’s first move against Anurag in Kasauti Zindagi Kay

Kasauti Zindgai Kay will hook you to your seats with their shocking twist and turns.

Why Anurag killed Prerna fetched the viewers’ attention. As everything was going happy soon after Anurag revived his memory. He meets Prerna and learned that Prerna delivered the baby girl. Elsewhere, Komolika gets tensed thinking now Anurag will go to Prerna and she will lose to her.

Here, Anurag makes a wedding plan with Prerna. He was all set to tie the knot with her but all sudden Prerna spots Anurag with Komolika. And gets shocked learning he is cheating upon her. Day before their wedding Anurag throws Prerna from the bridge much to her surprise.

Thankfull, Mr. Bajaj saved her at the nick of the time. Prerna gets angry for Anurag for mocking her love. Meantime, she gets another shock learning her baby died too in a hospital firebreak out. Prerna gets a support from Mr. Bajaj and leaves the city with him.

8 years later, story opens at London. Prerna gets married to Mr. Bajaj and Anurag was seen introducing Komolika as his wife. Further, Prerna receives a Bussiness Award.

Now in the upcoming episode we will see, Prerna will vow to destroy Anurag.

Prerna before leaving to London decides to avenge Anurag and Prerna. She will be back soon to Kolkata to take her revenge from him. Makers of the show have released a shocking promo of the show. In the promo it is seen Prerna recalling how Anurag pushed her down the bridge. Voice over says she is back to Kolkata to destroy Anurag. Prerna lands to India. Check out the promo below!

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