October 24, 2019
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Preview 7th August 2019| Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Rohit and Sonakshi to share their bitter past

Star Plus popular primetime show “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum” is becoming a favorite of not only the online audience but also the TRP audience as well. The increasing numbers on the charts are proving that this show and its variable and different content is making everyone glued to the screen.

Well, the show was on air for more than one and a half months now and the story of the flick is now at a stable and developed position. As per the show story, Rohit and Sonakshi are supposed to fall in love with each other but will any love story forms without a proper build-up? In the upcoming episodes, the show is going to focus on how Rohit and Sonakshi come close to each other and slowly opens up themselves.

In the past episodes of the show, we have seen how a misunderstanding regarding the wardrobe malfunction caused a huge conflict among Rohit and Sonakshi. Recently, things have started to become normal among them when Rohit gets a clue about Sonakshi not being the culprit behind the incident of Pooja. Hence, he teamed up with Sonakshi and Deepa to find out the real culprit. But destiny seems to have some other plans for both of them.

In the upcoming sequence of the show, Rohit and Sonakshi will get stuck due to heavy rain in the city. Sonakshi will ask an injured Rohit to come at her home for the first aid. During the tending of Sonakshi Rohit will ask her about Karan and how she got engaged to him? This will trigger Sonakshi and she will open up about her past to him.

Later, Rohit also tells Sonakshi about his incomplete love story and both will share some wise words with each other and ask each other to move on from that incident.

Well, will this bring them closer to each other more? Is it the start of their beautiful love story?

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