Preview Bepanah Pyaar 16th August 2019: Pragati makes fool out of herself at Raghbir’s party!

In the tonight episode of Bepanah Pyaar viewers will witness that Pragati will think why Raghbir is not reacting on her behavior. She will think of spoiling the party and thus will insult Raghbir in drunken state to provoke him.

Pragati will tell to everyone that Raghbir has reached on the heights because of Bani. She will repeatedly take Bani’s name to provoke Raghbir so that he creates the scene in the party in front of the investors.

Pragati in the process will make a fool out of herself in front of everyone by getting drunk and blurting out the reason why Raghbir is rich because of Bani’s money which he inherited after her death.

Now, if you follow the show you must be knowing about the current track that is focusing on Pragati who has decided to avenge Raghbir.

Pragati is Bani and she has cleared it that she is back into Raghbir’s life to expose him in front of everyone. She thinks Raghbir has intentionally killed her and now she has decided to take her revenge from him.

Pragati has set Bani’s museum for Raghbir to hear his confession that he has killed her but  her plan failed because of the real culprit of Bani.

Sushma who becomes Bani for Pragati has joined hands with the Bani’s murderer too and is double crossing Pragati.

Now what next will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

Do Pragati will come to know about the real culprit or she will end up taking her revenge from Raghbir? Do Raghbir will ever come to know about Pragati’s truth? Well, for all the answers keep watching the show mon-fri on colors channel at 10 PM.

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