Preview: Bepanah Pyaar 22nd July 2019| Raghbir will fill Pragati’s hairline with Sindoor

Colors TV Bepanah Pyaar is witnessing shocking twist with Pragati getting the clues against Raghbir.

Pragati decides to hunt for the real culprit and to her shock all the clues makes her to suspect Raghbir. She doesn’t understand whether to believe or not on the clues and thinks she has seen Raghbir’s craziness for Bani. Later, Pragati finds out that Sukanya wanted to marry Raghbir to enter the house and find out Bani died.

Sanket, Pragati and Sukanya teams up to find Bani’s murderer. The trio discusses the plan to expose the real culprit. Sukanya asks if she has doubt o someone. Pragati says but it will only prove once she will get the key. She tells Sanket and Sukanya about key incident. Sukanya helps Pragati and tells her the way to find the key. She reveals the secret of Malhotra’s family what Bani has told her. She tells Pragati where she can search the key.

Pragati follows Sukanya’s instruction and finds the key from the Raghbir’s shoe. She gets stunned and goes to the dark room to unveil the truth.

Pragati finds Kuldeep in the dark room and gets shocked seeing her. Later, Kuldeep tells her about the Bani’s presence in the room and ask her to help her to free Bani’s spirit, so that Raghbir can restart his life.

Now tonight will see, Raghbir will carry Pragati in his arm and will step to the temple carrying her. There, he will fill Pragati’s hairline with the sindoor in front of the God.

What new twist and turns will come in Raghbir and Pragati’s life will be interesting to watch. To know what next happens in Bepanah Pyaar, do catch the episodes on Colors TV at 10 PM, mon-fri.

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