Preview| Bepanah Pyaar 28th August 2019 Written Update: Raghbir supports Pragati!

Raghbir and Pragati tries to bring Dev and Priya together. The duo along with Shefali and Nakul makes a plan to bring Dev and Priya close.

Raghbir, Pragati, Nakul and Shefali take Priya to the club and calls Dev too. Priya comes to know that Raghbir has planned this and gets angry. Later, Raghbir mocks Pragati and says she is looking like a cartoon in a slit gown. Pragati gets upset.

Nakul and shefali ask Raghbir to apologize to Pragati and afterwards he performs a dance to cheer up Pragati.

Later, Priya sees Akshay at the club and cries. Pragati decides to teach Akshay a lesson so that his chapter in Priya’s life closes forever. She does a huge drama at the club and pours a drink on Akshay calling him cheater.

Everyone at the club does the same and calls Akshay a cheater. Later, Priya too pours drink on Akshay calling him cheater and thanks Pragati for helping her.

Now in the tonight episode will see after Raghbir and Pragati will return home Aditi will create a huge drama.

Aditi will scold Pragati and Raghbir will support her against Aditi.

Aditi will accuse Pragati and will say that she belongs to low class thus don’t fit in her family. Raghbir will get angry on Aditi and will support Pragati over her. Pragati will stand shocked seeing Raghbir’s kind behavior towards her.

Is Raghbir falling in love with Pragati? What will be Aditi’s next move will be interesting to watch.

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