Preview| Bepanah Pyaar 9th September 2019: Raghbir and Pragati to hide the feelings for each other

Colors TV drama Bepanah Pyaar is witnessing Ganpati celebration.

Pragati and Raghbir welcome Lord Ganesh and the duo is celebrating the festival in typical Marathi style. On the way while bringing the Ganesh idol Raghbir meets with a Punjabi couple whom he met on his Manali vacation with Bani.

The couple comes to Malhotra house to celebrate the Ganesh Chaturthi and meanwhile, Pragati sees their camera and stands shocked seeing the couple having Raghbir and Bani’s manali video. She checks the camera and finds the mask man cutting down the railing from where Bani slipped down.

The mask person sees Pragati with camera and attempts to take the camera from her. Pragati goes to Raghbir’s room thinking Raghbir will try to destroy the evidence surely and finds the camer missing. Mask person falls down and Pragati spots the person with the camera. The camera gets destroyed but Pragati shows a SD card copy of the video to Prashant and her father claiming Raghbir is the culprit.

Pragati’s father says without seeing the face of the man she shouldn’t put allegation on Raghbir. Pragati tells to her father that she will prove Raghbir guilty.

Now in the upcoming episode will see after Raghbir realises his love for Pragati he still tries to hide his feelings.

Raghbir will not drink in spite of some people trying to make him have alcohol. Later, Raghbir and Pragati will deny having feelings for each other despite some people telling them that it is obvious. Otherside, Tina informs the family that Harshit is not at home and worries for him. Harshit will walks in with a baby and will inform the family that he has adopted a baby which will shock Malhotra’s.

What is Harshit’s intension behind adopting the baby? Stay tuned with us to read the full written update of Bepanah Pyaar 9th September 2019.

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