Preview: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 23rd July 2019|Rohit accuses Sonakshi and decides to teach her a lesson

Preview: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 23rd July 2019

In the last night episode we have seen the fashion event gets started. Host introduces the contestants and the judges to the guest.  Sonakshi performs on the stage and otherside, Karan bribe the firework man and asks him to just increase the sparks while Parvati performs her dance. Earlier, Sonakshi threatens Karan after he was about to slap his girlfriend Dolly. To avenge Sonakshi, Karan made the plan to trouble her.

Sonakshi performs inspite of the sparks that are falling on her skin. One of the crew members ask Amrita to stop the performance but she says Sona’s mother took 12Lakhs for her so she can’t ask her to stop dancing. Sonakshi’s little friend sees the sparks falling on Sonakshi and tells to Rohit.

Rohit runs to save her. He asks for the cream from his aunt and rushes to protect Sonakshi from the spark. Rohit lands up on the stage and applied cream to Sonakshi. Sonakshi and Rohit share an eye-lock and episode ends with Sonakshi threating karan after he comes and says to her that her new boyfriend is caring and loyal.

Now in tonight episode will see, Pooja’s will be distressed on suffering a wardrobe malfunction and will blame Sonakshi for it.

Pooja has seen Sonakshi with her dress when Sona mistakenly picked her dress thinking it’s of Pari. Pooja will remember that incident and will accuse Sonakshi for disturbing her dress so that Pari can win. Later, a heated argument will breaks out between Sonakshi and Rohit.

What new turn this misunderstanding will bring in the life of Rohit and Sonakshi will be watch worthy Do the duos friendship will be over forever with this misunderstanding before it started only. Well, to know more keep watching the show.

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