Preview: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 24th July 2019: Pooja will reveal truth to Sonakshi

In the last night episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum we have seen how instead of Pari Pooja suffers a wardrobe malfunction.

Sonakshi apologizes to Rohit for her rude behavior. She says thank you to him for applying ointment. Rohit asks Sonakshi to say thank you to Preeti, as she was the one who spotted the falling sparks. Sonakshi says thank you to Preeti too.

Fashion event starts and out of 5 three Pari, Pooja and Dolly became the top three finalist. The three of them goes to get ready. Pari sees a strain on her dress and exchanges her dress with Pooja’s attire. The trio performs in front of the judges and here Sumit waits for Pari’s performance. Pooja comes to the front and her dress falls down. Everyone gets stunned. Sonakshi runs and hugs Pooja. She covers her and takes her inside.

Pari wins the competition and seeing Sonakshi blames her for the misfortune. Rohit drags Sonakshi and takes her inside. Pooja tells to everyone that she has seen Sonakshi with her dress. Sonakshi tries to explain but Pooja continues to accuse her.

Tonight drama will galore when Rohit too will accuse Sonakshi. And will blame her that she has done to take avenge from Nishi, as she has filed complaint against her mother.

Rohit will hold Sonakshi accountable for Pooja’s wardrobe malfunction. Here, Nareen will get enraged and in fit of anger Nareen will slap Pooja. Here, Pari will confess in front of Sonakshi that her dress had a stain so she changed it with Pooja’s dress and her confession will scare Sonakshi.

How Sonakshi will handle the matter and what next Rohit will do for all the updates stay tuned with us, and keep watching the show mon-fri at 9pm on Star Plus.

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