Preview: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 25th July 2019|Sonakshi decides to help Pooja!

Last night we have seen, how Rohit accuses Sonakshi and didn’t give her a chance to explain herself.

Rohit raises the question on her class and mentality. Sonakshi gets stunned and give a befitted reply to Rohit. She says to Rohit that she has earned name, fame by doing hard work, and don’t inherit from the ancestors like him. The duo does an argument and Rohit decides to teach Sonakshi a lesson for her deeds. Venna, YK and Tanya support Sonakshi but Rohit gets adamant to punish her.

Otherside, Sonakshi’s sister reveals her the truth. Pari tells to Sonakshi that how just before the final round she has seen the strain on her dress and exchanged it with Pooja’s dress. Pari says to Sona that it was her dress and instead of Pooja she would have suffered from the wardrobe malfunction. Sonakshi gets stunned and thinks either Karan or Sumit is behind the whole drama.

There, Naren and Yk talks with the media and press for not publishing fashion event incident. Here, Rohit decides to teach a good lesson to Sonakshi and her family.

Tonight will see, Sona will decide to her Pooja and will go to meet Ashish to stop news from being published. Meanwhile, Dipa will join hands with Rohit to punish Sonakshi

Rohit will scold Sonakshi. Here Sonakshi will make a deal with Ashish to stop Pooja’s news from being published. Here, Rohit will decide to punish Sonakshi.

Next day, the Sippy’s will get shocked to read the newspaper.

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