PrideMonth: Good that LGBTQ community is vocal and open about their choices… they must be given the respect they deserve

June is called the Pride Month and, much like people in general, there are many celebrities who not only support the LGBTQ+ community but also feel proper awareness and kindness towards them has increased considerably in the past few years. Prem Raj Soni, director of films such as Me and Mrs. Khanna and Laila Manju, also feel the same. He also acknowledges the contribution of social media in the movement, and how it made more people observant and understanding towards the rainbow community.

I am extremely proud and happy about the fact that LGBTQ community is vocal and open about their choices. It’s an amazing move and very brave. They must be given the freedom and choice and respect they deserve,” he adds.

Prem has many friends in the community and says that they have a heart of gold. He also mentions how he has made a movie on them as well.

“I know a bit about them through my friends. In fact, I have also made a film on the drag culture that will be releasing this year. Having dealt with them personally and professionally I feel proud to know that they give you so much love and care without judging you or manipulating you. Social media plays an extremely important role in spreading awareness about the rights of the LGBTQ community,” he ends.