Priyank Sharma revisits Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! 

  • Priyank Sharma revisits Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! 
Touted as the ultimate chocolate boy on television, model & actor Priyank Sharma collaborates with the Kakkar siblings to recreate a version of the old school romance with their brand new foot tapping number Kuch Kuch.
The youth sensation, Priyank Sharma rose to instant fame after his stint in a couple reality show followed by Bigg Boss & enjoys a massive fan following among the women. He’s seen romancing Neha Kakkar in the music single in the corridors & classrooms of his college reminiscing us of SRK- Rani romance straight out of the cult teenage romance drama Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
Known for his flamboyance, Priyank shares his excitement, ‘The song went online today & we already have the teenagers sending us their dance cover versions of the song, I believe we’ve done a decent job & hoping it to slowly grow. It is an exciting collaboration bringing Tony & Neha together. Tony’s achieved a lot in a shorter duration & Neha is not only a talented singer but a fabulous actor. We purely aim it to be the Valentine’s anthem this season.’
‘I enjoy this space of work as it directly connects me to my audience. I’ve primarily done youth shows & have a connect with the teenagers who shower me with so much love & adulation. Maybe I have this romantic, flirty streak & maybe that reflects in my body of work & I know I’m best at it, he quips.