ProposeDay2019: Ideas from your favourite television celebrities for an irresistible proposal.

ProposeDay2019: Ideas from your favourite television celebrities for an irresistible proposal.

Proposing your partner is one of the biggest moments of your life. Special as it is, surely you want to ensure that this proposal is impressive and unforgettable. Today on the second day of Valentine week, we have compiled  proposal ideas from your favourite television celebrities for an irresistible proposal. Adopt one of these ideas and add a little personality to make it different and unique. Surely she/he will say yes before you know it!

Tanya Sharma: Who can resist cute things? With the help of babies or animals, you can pop the big question and expect your partner to squeal over their cuteness. Either a pet or Kid, or grandie or family relative, proposing with their help will add a sense of sincerity and innocence to the proposal.

Siddharth Sharma: Photo booth proposal is one of the best idea. As the shutters start to click, pull out the ring and surprise her. There’s no way she can hide that surprised expression and you can get it on camera as well. How convenient! Having your family and friends waiting outside the photo booth for the ultimate surprise will add flavours and the memory will be with you for rest of the life.

Sara Khan: Turn your proposal into a treasure hunt by scattering clues for your partner to find. It can be done in your home or neighborhood, depending on how grand you want the hunt to be. Be sure to give relevant clues and ask for a family member or friend to guide her as well! Remember to remind your partner back to memories you’ve had your dates or take her to pamper herself before meeting you in the final spot!

Manish Goplani: Concert proposal can be best idea. If a band you two are fans of decides to hold a concert, this might be the perfect time to propose. During a favorite song, sneak up behind her and present the ring carefully. If she’s one that likes grand gestures, you can also ask to get up on stage and propose to her with all the crowds watching.

Mahika Sharma: Proposing your mate during Family dinner is a great idea. An intimate proposal with your closest people witnessing the happy moment is always a good. Your partner simply wouldn’t forget the intimacy of the moment. Propose a toast to get everyone’s attention and then go for the big question!

Jason Shah: Skydiving best idea to speak your heart out. With the nature as your setting, this proposal is one she won’t forget. Prepare the question largely printed on the drop off location so she sees it the second you arrive. Even better, print a large banner so she can see it while you two are on the air together.