Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal: Athira joins hands with Prathiba.

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Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal is a Tamil drama about Lakshmi a widow who lives in “Sneha Apartment”, takes care of her family, and faces all life issues with peace.
In an embarrassing situation, Hari tied a knot around Lakshmi’s neck. Earlier we saw Chimbaram and Janaki agreed to help Athira. They threatened Santhosh to marry Athira. Athira exposed her pregnant story to Pavithra. Athira joined hands with Prathiba. Now the viewers will see, Hari will get a hint.

In the previous episode, Lakshmi was enraged when Unni questioned her about the conversation with Hari. Prathiba visited Santhosh’s office. Athira refused to meet Prathiba. Prathiba’s visit made Lakshmi nervous. Hari and Maddy posed as officers and questioned Chimbaram and Janaki.

In today’s episode, Hari suspects Chimbaram and Janaki. Abruptly, Santhosh’s bike breaks down on the way. Hari notices Santhosh. He comes forward to help Santhosh. Santhosh calls the mechanic to repair his bike. Hari advises Santhosh to keep his mind at ease. Lakshmi feels relieved when Santhosh and Hari are together. Santhosh comes to Athira’s home to meet her. Athira informs Santhosh about Prathiba’s visit. Santhosh tells Athira to disown Prathiba. Athira joins a hand with Prathiba against Lakshmi. Prathiba is overjoyed when Athira shares her story. Prathiba thinks of an evil plan to ruin Lakshmi’s happiness. Elsewhere, Hari catches Chimabram with his wife. Hari learns the truth from Chidambaram.

Will Santhosh share her problem with Hari?
Will Lakshmi help Santhosh to overcome the problem? Will Santhosh share his problem with Lakshmi? Will Athira marry Santhosh? Will Prathiba learn Athira’s pregnancy story? How will Santhosh overcome this problem? Who is responsible for Athira’s pregnancy? How will Santhosh manage Athira? Keep checking this space for the latest update on your Zee Tamizh shows.