Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal: Lakshmi helps Athira

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Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal is a Tamil drama about Lakshmi a widow who lives in the “Sneha Apartment”, takes care of her home, and faces all life issues with peace.
In an embarrassing situation, Hari tied a knot around Lakshmi’s neck. Earlier we saw, Pavithra announced that she will be living in Lakshmi’s room. Hari and Lakshmi try to unite Pavithra and Santhosh. Jeeva constantly found fault with Lakshmi. Lakshmi tried to win his heart. Now the viewers will see, that Lakshmi will interview Vanitha. Maddy informed this issue to Hari.

In the previous episode, Lakshmi decided to quit the job. Madhan motivated her and suggested an idea. Lakshmi sent memes in the WhatsApp group. Pavithra stopped Lakshmi when opening the door for Athira. Lakshmi helped Athira. Pavithra argued with Lakshmi for helping Athira. Lakshmi cleaned Jeeva’s cabin. Jeeva liked the cabin when the things are arranged neatly.
Lakshmi taught Pavithra’s favorite song to Santhosh.

In today’s episode, Lakshmi and Madhan play cricket when a new CEO visited the office. The new CEO plays cricket with Lakshmi. Jeeva irks to see Lakshmi. Jeeva calls Pavithra to the cabin. Jeeva questions Pavithra. Pavithra asks Jeeva to allow Lakshmi. Jeeva decides to allow Lakshmi. He communicates only in English. Cleverly, Lakshmi recorded Jeeva’s talk. Pavithra explains what to do and how to prepare questions. On the other hand, Hari’s partner decides to abandon the partnership. Santhosh pleads with Hari’s partner to change his decision. Hari stops Santhosh when he pleads with him. Pavithra argues with Lakshmi for helping Athira. Pavithra warmly welcomes Vanitha. Lakshmi is going to interview Vanitha.

Will Lakshmi questions Vanitha about her personal life? Will Jeeva humiliate Lakshmi? Will Pavithra accept Santhosh? Keep checking this space for the latest update on your Zee Tamizh shows.