Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal: Lakshmi Visits Hari.

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Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal is a Tamil drama about Lakshmi a widow who lives in “Sneha Apartment”, takes care of her family, and faces all life issues with peace.
Lakshmi’s daughter-in-law Pavithra strives to bring a little joy in Lakshmi’s life and how Lakshmi fell in love with Chef Hari Krishnan forms the rest of the story. Earlier we saw that Santhosh sold the Lakshmi’s property. Now the views will see Santhosh’s wishes to reclaim the property.

In the previous episode, Lakshmi looked for Hari in the store. She worried about Hari being trapped in the store. Lakshmi started blabbering which leaves Pavithra baffled. Santhosh prepared coffee for Lakshmi. Parimala questioned Lakshmi about being trapped in the store.
Pavithra and Lakshmi arrived at the jewel shop to buy a chain. Hari helped Lakshmi and Pavithra at the jewel shop. The owner called them couples. Thiruventakam’s son Pazhani visited Lakshmi’s house. Santhosh, Lakshmi, Pavithra and other tenants participated in the Navarathri celebration.The residents praised Lakshmi and Santhosh’s bonding. Santhosh told Pavithra that he wished to surprise Lakshmi.

In today’s episode, Santhosh seeks Hari’s help to reclaim the property. Hari refuses to give away the property. Maddy questions Hari when he refuses to give away Lakshmi’s property. Hari explains the reason to Maddy. The latter, Ironer brings Santhosh clothes to Lakshmi. Instead of Santhosh’s clothes, she gets Hari’s clothes. So Lakshmi visits Hari’s house to return the clothes. At that moment, Hari is seeing Lakshmi’s photo. Lakshmi returns the clothes. Hari stops Lakshmi from seeing the picture. Lakshmi and other tenants attend the function. Prathiba taunts Lakshmi for attending the function. Santhosh got the promotion.

Will friction arises between Prathiba and Santhosh? Keep checking this space for the latest update on your favorite Tamil shows.