Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal: Pavithra’s baby shower

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Zee Tamizh Popular Tamil drama Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal is a drama about Lakshmi a widow who lives in the “Sneha Apartment”, takes care of her home, and faces all life issues with peace. In an embarrassing situation, Hari tied a knot around Lakshmi’s neck. Lakshmi and Hari’s wedding stopped after the child’s death.


In the previous episode, Hari spotted Maddy and Lakshmi. Hari tried to stop Lakshmi who is doing rituals for the child.
Maddy argued with Hari. Santhosh was heartbroken by Pavithra’s divorce letter.

In today’s episode, Maddy overhears everything and informs him. Hari worries a lot. He decides to talk with Pavithra and Santhosh. Maddy invites them to the coffee shop. Hari tries to convince Pavithra. Hari talks with Santhosh and Pavithra. Pavithra refuses to listen to Hari.

Later, Pavithra invites Hari and Santhosh to the function. Santhosh is on cloud nine with Pavithra’s invitation. He shares Pavithra’a invite with his family. Prathiba is confused. Pavithra asks the family to arrange everything for the baby shower function.

Pavithra makes arrangements for the function. The next day, Hari reaches Pavithra’s home. He suspects Pavithra. Hari hides from Santhosh and Lakshmi. Lakshmi is happy to attend Pavithra’s baby shower. The function begins. Pavithra’s near and dears with her.

Lakshmi and Thiruventkam wish Pavithra too. Finally, Maddy invites Santhosh to wish her. Santhosh is going to wish her. Pavithra gets up when Santhosh is going to wish her.

Will Pavithra humiliate Santhosh? Will Pavithra change her decision? Will Lakshmi apologizes to Hari?

Will Lakshmi bring Pavithra back home? Will Santhosh unite Hari and Lakshmi?

Will Lakshmi marry Hari?

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