Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal: Prathiba meets the doctor

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Zee Tamizh Popular Tamil drama Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal is a drama about Lakshmi a widow who lives in the “Sneha Apartment”, takes care of her home, and faces all life issues with peace. In an embarrassing situation, Hari tied a knot around Lakshmi’s neck. Now the serial concentrate on Lakshmi and Hari’s wedding.

In the previous episode, Santhosh was aghast when he learned the truth about the child. Santhosh avoided the child. Santhosh tried to reveal the truth to Pavithra. Pavithra ignored Santhosh.

Pavithra and the residents argued with Prathiba. Pavithra asked Santhosh to take a DNA test to prove Santhosh and the child’s relationship. Santhosh vented his frustration to Pavithra. Lakshmi and Hari supported Santhosh when he refuses to take a DNA test.

In today’s episode, Pavithra shares her woes with Lakshmi. Lakshmi and Hari are in tough times. Pavithra eagerly waited for Santhosh. Thiruventkam words irk Santhosh. Santhosh firmly refuses to take a DNA test. Pavithra refuses to take lunch when Santhosh fails to come hospital.

Pavithra sterns decision. Prathiba uses this as an opportunity to humiliate Santhosh. Santhosh’s arrival shocks Prathiba. Santhosh comforts Pavithra. Santhosh spends quality time with Pavithra. Santhosh decides to take the test.

In front of everyone, Santhosh takes a test. The doctor tells him to get the result tomorrow. Prathiba tries to bribe the doctor. Hari, Santhosh, and Lakshmi overhear Prathiba’s move. Prathiba’s brother shares his plan with his goons.

Who will ruin Prathiba’s move? Will Santhosh reveal the truth to Pavithra?

Will Santhosh accept the child? Will Lakshmi marry Hari? Will Lakhsmi reveal the father’s name of the child?

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