Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal: Santhosh’s action upsets Lakshmi

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Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal is a Tamil drama about Lakshmi a widow who lives in “Sneha Apartment”, takes care of her family, and faces all life issues with peace.
Lakshmi’s daughter-in-law Pavithra strives to bring a little joy in Lakshmi’s life and how Lakshmi fell in love with Chef Krishnan forms the rest of the story. Earlier we saw that Narayanan learned the truth from the footage. Narayanan invited Lakshmi to an office function. Now the viewers will see, Pravithra will question Santhosh.

In the previous episode, Santhosh was unhappy with Lakshmi’s presence. Narayana told Lakshmi to participate in the game. Santhosh and Lakshmi are in a team. Lakshmi and Santhosh won a task at the office party. Then the staff participated in the game of dumb charade. The audience praised Lakshmi and Santhosh. Narayana felicitated Lakshmi.

In today’s episode, Narayanan gives a momento to Lakshmi. Lakshmi feels overwhelmed while giving her speech. She expresses her joy with the guests. Santhosh and other guests feel from Lakshmi’s speech. Lakshmi thanks Narayanan for giving her the gift. The staff is enjoying the party. Santhosh overhears Pradeep and Lakshmi’s conversation. To break Lakshmi’s trust he drinks alcohol when Athira urges him to taste. Lakshmi is heartbroken when a drunk Santhosh blabbers on. Santhosh takes too much alcohol at the party. He dances too. Athira takes care of drunk Santhosh. Lakshmi watches Santhosh as Athira takes away a drunk Santhosh.

In the upcoming episode, Lakshmi will follow the car when Athira takes away a drunk Santhosh. Pavithra will question Santhosh. Santhosh will slap Pavithra. Pavithra will leave the house angrily. Will Lakshmi take Santhosh home? Keep checking this space for the latest update on your Zee Tamizh shows.