Pukaar 10th June 2024 Written Update: Sagar is insulted by Vedika

Pukaar 10th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with a conversation between Rajeshwari Devi and Digvijay. There is a miscommunication between Sagar and Digvijay, she fears that they are communication and relationship might be deteriorated because of the rude behaviour of Digvijay towards the women. She asks him to build up a good image of him in front of Sagar atleast.

On the other hand, Koyel and her mother plan to befool another shopkeeper. The fake that they are ready to buy the most expensive things from that shop and pretend to pay the bills when they have not paid in reality. When the shopkeeper ask Koyel to pay one and half lakh in advance, she intentionally pretends to pay two and half lakhs and takes 1 lakh cash from that man. Their deceptive behaviour is not understood by the shopkeeper, Koyel also takes the grand vehicle of the shop.

A collision happens between Sagar and Vedika. Vedika misunderstands Sagar and things that he has been following her for a long time. She gets offended by the pretentious behaviour of Sagar and insults him in many ways. Sagar wants to help her financially since her headlight has been broken by Sagar. Vedika gets more offended by this behaviour of Sagar. She intentionally breaks the headlight of the car with a heavy rock and pays the same money to him. But Sagar informs that it will need 8000 to repair the headlight of that car. She promises she will repay that within few days.

In the midst of the way, Vedika and Koyel meets with each other. They both seem overwhelmed seeing by each other. But Mayuri doesn’t take the relationship in a good way and asks Koyel to hasten upm their meeting. When Vedika tries to start her scooty, she faces some problem, seeing the difficulties of Vedika, Koyel offers her for a lift. In the midst of the way, Koyel learns that Vedika will stop in front of the police station. Mayuri and Koyel both become tensed to think of the police station. Before leaving of Koyel, Vedika gifts her two ear rings.

Saraswati feels an unbounded love towards Vedika and she searches for that girl everywhere. Sagar comes into her room and witnesses the restlessness of her. She is asked to calm her mind.

Episode ends.

Precap : Vedika will try to pull off the mask of Digvijay and his conspiracies.

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