Pukaar 11th June 2024 Written Update: Sagar recognises Kamal

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The episode starts with Kamal saying to Saraswati that because of him, her family were destroyed. He ruined her family happiness. He feels guilty for his deeds. She doesn’t know that she is living with the person who hired him to kill her husband. He did everything for money. He understood his mistake when he lived with his family. She asked to him 20 years before who killed her husband? He was lying to her. Rajeshwari wakes up. He is shocked to see Rajeshwari there instead of Saraswati. Sagar gives water to Saraswati. Rajeshwari asks Kamal whom hired him to kill Gautam. She wanted to know the truth. Saraswati considering her as her mom. Meanwhile, Saraswati shares her grief with Sagar. She says that he is the faith in her life. Small Sagar grown up now. She feels confidence seeing him. He lays on her lap and listening to her conversation. He asks her to take a rest and excuses her. Sagar thinks that he promised to her that he will bring back Janvi. He doesn’t know how will he search for her. Meanwhile, Rajeshwari says to Kamal that she wanted to fulfil her duty as a mom. Whom hired him to kill Gautham. Kamal says that she won’t believe him. Her son Digvijay hired him to kill Gautham. Digvijay attacks him from behind. Rajeshwari says to him that he shouldn’t be alive. She ordered him to kill him asap.

Digvijay calls Rana and Bablu to catch Kamal. Rajeshwari ordered him to bury him in their garden. She asks him to plant a beautiful flowers there. The goons drags him from there. The police comes there. Digvijay asks them who called the police here? Vedika comes there. She recalls the way Kamal escaped from the police using Vedika. Vedika says that she saw him sneaked into their house that is why she called the police. Sagar comes there. Rajeshwari says to him that thief sneaked into the house. Kamal pleads with them to listen to him once. Sagar hears the police discussing about Kamal. Why did he escaped from the jail and reach to here. Saraswati comes there and asks them what’s going on here. Rajeshwari sends her from there. Digvijay scolds Vedika for entered into their house. She says that she thought to help them. That is why she brought the police here. He demands her to go out of his house. Rajeshwari asks him not to be rude with her.

Sagar disliked the way Digvijay treating Vedika. He is insulting her. Rajeshwari stops Sagar from interrupting him. Digvijay shouted on Vedika. Sagar didn’t like it all. Digvijay looking down on Vedika. He demands her to leave from his house. Vedika asks him to listen to her once. This land is very important to her. Her dad memories is there. Digvijay says that he doesn’t care about it all. He asks her to leave from there. Sagar feels sad for Vedika. He asks her if she alright. Rajeshwari noticed it. Vedika says that he saw everything whatever happened here. He is just asking her if she alright? He witnessed everything then how could she ask her something like this. She isn’t alright. His father mistreating her here but son pretending to console her. She leaves from there. Meanwhile, Sagar searching about Kamal in the Google. He finds out that he is the one killed Gautham. He is the same driver who drove Gautham car. Why did he came to this house after these many years. Why did Rajeshwari mentioned him as a thief. He doesn’t come here to take a revenge. There might be some reason.

Sagar thinks that he is often meeting Vedika. If it’s their destiny. He has to find the reason for it. Vedika’s parents scold Vedika for met Maheshwari family. They questioned her about it. The next day, Rajeshwari wakes Sagar. She complaints that he doesn’t have time to spend time with his dadi. Sagar asks her doesn’t she recognised that driver. She fears that he shouldn’t suspect her.

Episode end

Precap; Sagar hires Vedika in his lawyer firm.

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