Pukaar 31st May 2024 Written Update: Sagar returns to India

Pukaar 31st May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Ma who plans to start her family business with her mom Mayuri. They together steal other’s things. Koyal steals a mobile from the pocket of a passenger and transfers all the money in her own account.

Saraswati Devi still looks forward to reuniting with her daughters in future. She recalls the memories of her to little girl, and feels her heart overjoyed. Today is the birthday of her two little girls but Saraswati Devi still doesn’t have any trace of those twin sisters. She offers her Pooja to Lord Khatu Shyam and prays for their togetherness. She dreams that oneday she will be with her to daughters.

Rajeswari Devi appears infront of her and mourns about their loss. Suddenly Rajeswari calls Kamol and orders him to put the vermilion on her forehead. Actually Komal was asked to marry Saraswati Devi so that she could get another hope from her married life. But she could not forget his past. Rajeswari Devi insists Saraswati to accept this relationship.

Vedika celebrates her own birthday with heart parents. Although she doesn’t know about her real parents but she regards those faster parents as her own.

Rajeshwari’s grandson Sagar returns from London to India. He calls his grandmother and informs that he is coming soon. She lies that she is sick for a long time and asks him to come as soon as possible. Saraswati Devi notices this and asks her why she is pretending to be weakling. Rajeswari exposes that she wants Sagar to handover her own family business. She becomes emotional when she expresses her love towards Sagar.

When Saraswati leaves, Digvijay comes to her. They discuss about their present family business. Rajeshwari still feels irritated with the presence of Saraswati who was manipulated to marry Kamol so that she will be infront of her eyes. Saraswati is still a sign of their menace.

Coming to India, Sagar recalls the old days when he used to play with Yamini and Janvi. The childhood makes Sagar mesmerized. He buys a balloon with which they used to play together. He also reminds that today is her birthday.

The priest comes in the house of Maheswari and says he believes that oneday Saraswati Devi will be reuniting with her daughters one day. He also affirms that Sagar is fated with Yamini, they will be definitely united.

Episode ends.

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