Pukaar 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Koyal steals the wallet of Sagar

Pukaar 3rd June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with a situation in the road when Sagar works through a street, he notices that two ladies are in some trouble. In a midst of the street, Koyal and her mother Mayuri pretend to be in danger and try to draw the attention of Sagar so that they could still his belongings. Koyal claims that Sagar’s car has hit them with his car for which Mayuri gets injured. Sagar wants Mayuri to admit in the hospital so that he will be confirmed about the injury of Mayuri. But Koyal doesn’t want this because her pretension will be exposed. When Sagar threats them that he will call police, both Koyal and Mayuri start another drama. When Koyal and Mayuri run from the place, Sagar discovers that his wallet is stolen.

On the birthday of Vedika she gets a wonderful scooty from her parents. She gets totally surprised by this expensive gift and expresses the gratitude towards her parents. When she starts the scooty, suddenly a car stops in front of her house. Kamal arrives there and forces them to sell their property. At first Kamal offers them a big car on the birthday of Vedika and and manipulate them to sell their property. Kamal assures they will build up another school for them in other place, but Vedika explains the importance of that school in that particular place. She also analyses the legal steps against these forceful act but Kamal doesn’t leave the matter so easily.

When Vedika is not agreed to give their property to the hand of Maheshwari company Kamal offers them 2 crore rupees so that they will sell your property. He also describes the reason behind their demands, but she doesn’t listen anything. Vedika acts as if she is slapped by the goon of Kamal which is recorded by her brother so that she could use this video as a proof against them. Before the leaving of the place, Kamal begs them to sell the property, otherwise Digvijay will take an another way to sell this.

After all this chaos, Vedika finds out that her mother becomes senseless inside the home. Immediately, she takes her away to the hospital through her new scooty.

Both Rajeshwari and Digvijay rebuke Komal for his weak negotiation for that plot. At the same time a contractual employee comes in the Maheshwari house to get her compensation but Digvijay doesn’t want to attend his case. Saraswati wants to handle the case but doesn’t let her intervene. Meanwhile, Sagar comes there and tries to give him the justice. Getting no other way, Digvijay finally agrees to give the compensation to that contractual worker.

Episode ends.

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