Pukaar 4th June 2024 Written Update: Rajeswari plans against Saraswati

Pukaar 4th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Saraswati preparing Prasad
hoping that this offering will please God and he will answer her prayers. She is very optimistic that she will find her daughters. Rajeswari remembers the prophecy and decides that she won’t let the process of offering to get completed.

Sagar reaches the house and the women in the family is very happy. They welcome him wholeheartedly and his arrival brings spirit to the home. Suddenly they get a foul smell and it is discovered that the prasad she had made is burnt. Rajeswari tries to convince her that it’s all her fault, she says that she clearly remembers that she had indeed put the gas off. She is devastated as she feels her prayer to the God won’t be answered. Sagar promises her that he will arrange for the prasad. Saraswati is sceptical as the earlier preparation took a whole day and currently they don’t have much time. But Sagar gives her word that he will arrange it. He asks her to go to the temple and he will join her in a few minutes. Rajeswari is angry as her plan failed. But she promises to herself that she won’t let the union between the mother- daughters happen.

Mayuri searches the wallet of Sagar and gets pounds. At first she failed to understand its value later Koyel explains her what a huge amount of fortune they have got. She is very happy and excited and wants to visit the temple. Though Mayuri doesn’t join her as Koyel thinks she is an atheist as her husband who hoped for a son, has left her when she was born. She comes to the temple alone.

Vedika takes her senseless mother to the hospital by the scooty to treat her. The doctor is bit irritated with her for bringing the patient in a scooty. She says that she didn’t have any other alternative. Soon her mother starts to feel better and to thank God, Vedika too comes to the temple.

Sagar has ordered Churma that Saraswati wanted to offer as prasad. She is very grateful to him and blesses him. Her foot slips while taking the steps of the temple but Vedika and Koyel help her to regain the balance. For a fraction of seconds, Saraswati gets a flash back of a similar kind of incident that took place many years ago and her daughters had saved her just like this. She thanks Vedika and Koyel. Koyel addresses Vedika as her sister, this makes Saraswati hopeful and she asks them if they are actually sisters, but they reply that they are meeting for the first time. They enter the temple together. The priest asks them if they are together to which Saraswati replies in a melancholic tone that she has hopes it too, but unfortunately it’s not true. The pandit asks the ladies to cover their head, but none of them was carrying any dopatta, Saraswati takes them under her pallu and covers their head. Each of them pray for their individual life. While Koyel and Vedika want their mother and parents to stay blessed, Saraswati prays to get her daughters back, none of them know that somehow all the prayers are being answered.

Precap- Vedika comes across Sagar in the temple. Vedika feels familiarity when she talks to Koyel. On the other hand, Vedika’s affectionate gestures are seem to be familiar to Koyel as well.

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