Pukaar 5th June 2024 Written Update: Vedika and Sagar get into a fight

Pukaar 5th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Vedika, Koyel and Saraswati praying to God in the temple. Sagar sees Koyel and suspects that she might be the one who has stolen his wallet. He rushes to get her. Koyel notices him and escapes from the scene. Sagar mistakes Vedika to be Koyel and holding her hand drags her aside and eventually both of them fell onto the ground. A moment of closeness is created between the two. People around them start commenting at them for this. Seeing the face Sagar realises his mistakes. But Vedika accuses him of harrasment and people get angry. One of the people from the crowd comes to attack Sagar and he counter attacks him. The situation gets heated.

Having legal knowledge, both of them threat eachother that they will take legal action. They situation is about to get worse when Vedika gets a call that she has an interview to attend and she leaves the place. Meanwhile Sagar does see Koyel again but seeing the angry crowd he drops the idea of chasing her.

Koyel comes to meet Vedika outside the temple. Koyel suggests a place from where she can appear for the interview. Vedika is happy with the presence of Koyel and she tells her mother that she has started trusting someone finally. Meanwhile vedika’s gestures seem somehow to be familiar to Koyel.

Sagar meet Saraswati in the temple and lets her know everything that has happened earlier. Saraswati laughs at hearing the incident how koyel tricked him and stole his money.

A prisoner is seen to be taken to the court . It is revealed that this person is responsible for the murder of Gautam. Digvijay had hired him to murder Gautam. He had promised to arrange for the bail within few days but later betrayed him and doesn’t keep any of his promises. He doesn’t even have any idea about his family and what they are doing now. He wishes that someday he will meet gautam’s wife and tell her that it was Digvijay who was behind the murder of Gautam. The prison van stops at the temple where the prisoner sees Saraswati.

Precap- Vedika and family will get a notice from Digvijay to empty their house. This will make Vedika furious and she will come to Maheshwari house and threat Digvijay and Rajeshwari that she will fight against them in the court.

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