Pukaar 6th June 2024 Written Update: The prisoner escapes from the captivity

Pukaar 6th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the prisoner running towards the car of Saraswati, but fails to reach. Sagar comes out of the car to find out what’s going on and sees the police running after the prisoner. He doesn’t give much importance to the incident and gets back to his car.

Vedika and Koyel are seen spending some time together. Well is really hopeful that Vedika will get the job. Both the ladies sense a feeling of sisterhood for each other. Vedika gives a ride to Koyel. The prisoner suddenly comes under the scooty. Sensing trouble Koyel leaves Vedika. Vedika tries to help the prisoner but meanwhile the police arrives. The prisoner captures Vedika in order to escape. Vedika informs that she is a lawyer and she can help him to get out of the jail. The prisoner replies that only one person can help him, he wants to let that women know everything and ask for forgiveness.

Later Vedika comes to know from a police officer that he is in jail for several years for the hit and run case. She even realises that Maheshwari is behind all these. This revelation shocks her when she realises that her identity, her family and this man all are somehow connected to Maheshwari’s.

Digvijay is informed that the prisoner has escaped. Rajeshwari orders that he should be killed as he can be a danger to them.

Saraswati is seen sharing the experience is that she had in the temple with the family. She tells that she has got her daughters back that makes Rajeshwari anxious. Later she reveals that what she felt for those girls are pretty similar of what she had with her original daughters. Rajeshwari says she will pray for Saraswati and she will also fast for the daughters. But it is disclosed that she is faking it.

Rajeshwari requests Sagar to join the business, but he denies saying he is going back to London within few days. This makes Rajeshwari upset. Sagar has promised Saraswati he will help her to find her daughters, she feels that the prophecy might come true. Later Sagar shares with his uncle that he doesn’t want to leave in a place where his mother is not respected by his father. Though he feels he should respect his grandmother and other family members, he can’t accept the fact that everyone knows everything about his father but still no one says anything to him.

Vedika’s father feels that they should sell property to maheshwari , they really need some money and as maheshwari family is really powerful it might be difficult for them to get another client if they want to sell it later. But Vedika gives him confidence and says she will help him in running the family and in other things as she is capable enough now to help her father. But the next day, Vedika gets a call from the law firm who informs her that they can’t hire her as Maheshwari’s are their client and hiring Vedika will make them offended.
Episode ends.

Precap- Vedika and family will get a notice from Digvijay to empty their house. This will make Vedika furious and she will come to Maheshwari house and threat Digvijay and Rajeshwari that she will fight against them in the court.

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