Pukaar 7th June 2024 Written Update: Sagar wants to help Vedika

Pukaar 7th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Vedika getting a call from the law firm who rejects to give Vedika a job in their firm. They reveal that maheshwari’s are their client and if they employee her, the family will get offended. But the firm offers her that if her father sells his property to the family, they will consider to employ her. They even offer to bribe her that Vedika declines and says that she will take legal action against them if they continue to do this. She remembers her coming across the prisoner, Vedika decides to visit the Maheshwari house.

Sagar is going back to London, his mother and Saraswati are very sad, Sagar asks them to join him but they don’t agree. Digvijay tries to hug Sagar but he declines it, saying when the right time will come, he doesn’t even have to ask for it. Digvijay and Rajeshwari blame Sagar’s mother and Saraswati for his behaviour.

Rajeshwari makes Digvijay understand that it’s not totally Sagar’s fault, Digvijay was never there for Sagar as a father and he even sent him to the boarding school . Digvijay tries to explain by saying Sagar was stubborn to get Janvi back, and he didn’t want to face Sagar’s queries at that time. Rajeshwari feels that the coming back of Sagar must have some importance in the fate of the family. Meanwhile Vedika is seen entering the Maheshwari house. Vedika confronts Digvijay and Rajeshwari. She introduces herself to them and that makes Digvijay furious. Vedika requests Digvijay to let go of that land.

Meanwhile she notices Sagar and comes to an conclusion that he is evil just like his father. Digvijay offers a huge amount of money to Vedika, but she rejects it and says not everything in this world can be purchased. She says she will go to the court. The land belongs to their ancestors and they want to open a school, their dreams are involved with this land. Digvijay insults her and says he will possess it at any cost. He even threats her that makes Vedika scared and shattered. She leaves the place crying and Sagar follows her.

Saraswati intensely feels someone’s presence and her motherly instinct tells her that it’s her daughter. She comes running out of the room but Vedika has already left. Rajeshwari scolds her and asks her to get back to her room. Rajeshwari is scared with the whole incident. Though Digvijay feels there is nothing to worry about, Rajeshwari says that all these can’t be coincident. She asks Digvijay to be more careful.

Sagar follows Vedika and he comes out of the palace. He tries to convince Vedika that he want to help her. But Vedika doesn’t listen to him and leaves. Sagar takes his car and follows Vedika. In the mean time the escaped prisoner is seen entering the palace.

Episode ends.

Precap- The escaped prisoner will try to talk to Saraswati and let her know everything that has happened in the past. Vedika and koyel will be seen getting close and they will spend sweet moments together like sisters.

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