Pushpa Impossible 10th June 2024 Written Update: Rashi comforts Pushpa

Pushpa Impossible 10th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Chirag asking Prarthna why is she still looking angry. Prarthna says because she wanted to leave the Chawl forever not just for a few days. Prarthna comments on Chirag as at the end of the day everything they have to do is decided by Pushpa. Prarthna says she can’t make a decision her own decision and comments on it. Prarthna asks Chirag to get down and says she will go to Junghad on her own. Chirag gets down from the car.

Pushpa comes to Saran and talks to him about Ashwin’s condition. Saran says Ashwin is being emotional about his trauma. Saran says Ashwin needs psychiatric help and says to Pushpa that he will tell them who Ashwin has to meet.

Saran and Pushpa say to Ashwin that he needs psychiatric help. Ashwin says he doesn’t need it and says he is just trying to be a good dad for his daughter. Saran asks Ashwin if his daughter feels safe with him. Ashwin asks Swara to come to him. Swara runs away from Ashwin. Pushpa says to Ashwin that he needs psychiatric treatment. Ashwin thinks about it.

Deepti asks Chirag why is he returning so early. Chirag says to Deepti that Prarthna asked him to get down from the car in the middle as she wants to go alone. Chirag says to Deepti that Prarthna thinks she doesn’t have freedom to take her own decisions in this house. Deepti says to Chirag that it is completely wrong and comments on it.

Ashwin comes to Ashawari and says to Ashawari what happened at that time. Ashwin apologises to Ashawari and says he never meant to lose Bhaskar. Ashwin says he is trying to protect Swara now she thinks he is a threat to her. Ashwin says he doesn’t want to lose Swara. Ashwin apologises to Ashawari and cries yo himself. Ashawari leaves from there and thinks about Ashwin.

Ashwin asks Saran for the psychiatrist phone no. Saran says he will come with him. Ashwin asks Swara to come with him and says he will drop her. Swara says she will leave with Deepti as he scolds her a lot and comments on it. Saran says to Ashwin that Swara is still upset with him but everything will be alright and asks Ashwin not to worry.

Bapodara comes to Pushpa and asks Pushpa why did Chirag come back as he left to drop Prarthna at Junaghad. Pushpa asks Chirag why did he come here. Chirag says Prarthna told him that she wants to go alone and he doesn’t want to force his decision on Prarthna so he left from there.

Pushpa comes to Chirag and asks Chirag if he thinks she forces his decision on Prarthna. Chirag says he doesn’t want to talk about it and leaves from there.

Rashi says to Pushpa that she understands Pushpa is worried that Chirag and Ashwin will leave the house but nothing like that will happen and asks Pushpa not to worry.

Rashi later dances with Pushpa and cheers her up.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Pushpa and Bapodara talk about a guy who looks like Bapodara.

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