Pushpa Impossible 11th April 2024 Written Update: Saran emotionally supports Rashi

Pushpa Impossible 11th April 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Chirag coming to Bapodara’s house. Susheela says to Chirag that Prarthna is sleeping in her room. Chirag sees Prarthna sleeping. Chirag later goes and talks with Susheela about problems faced by girls after the marriage. Susheela asks Chirag if there is any tension in between Prarthna and him. Chirag comments on it.

Susheela acts as if she is feeling a lot of stomach pain. Prarthna wakes up from her sleep. Prarthna and Chirag help Susheela sleep on the bed. Chirag and Prarthna leave from there.

Prarthna thanks Chirag and apologises to Chirag that she was upset with him. Susheela sees that Prarthna and Chirag are making up with each other and thinks her drama worked.

Saran says to Rashi that when he was a kid he lost both of his parents. Saran says to Rashi how he felt after his parents death. Rashi says she is also feeling the same way. Rashi says she is feeling guilty that she accused Juggal and says she is also missing her dad. Saran says she can’t control her emotions but she can choose how she will react in a destructive way or in a constructive way. Rashi asks Saran if he will help her in this period. Saran agrees and he agrees to stay here.

Pushpa asks Juggal to come with her as the government people are demolishing Pakiya’s Chawl. Pakiya comes to Pushpa and asks Pushpa to come with her saying the government staff are trying to demolish the his Chawl. Pushpa hearing this leaves from there.

Rukmani says to Sangeeta that she is going to meet Kalpana to talk about Ashwin and Deepti’s adoption. Sangeeta agrees.

Santosh gets ready to leave to airport and get his fake passport and visas on the way to airport.

Rukmani meets Kalpana and says to Kalpana that Ashwin and Deepti should not know that she came to meet her regarding the adoption. Kalpana agrees.

Kalpana comes to Ashwin and Deepti that nowadays the rules are pretty strict for adoption. Kalpana says they will come tomorrow for home visit and then decide about adoption. Ashwin and Deepti leave from there.

Prabhu asks Rukmani why is she helping Pushpa. Rukmani comments on it and asks Prabhu to call all the ladies of women’s association. Prabhu agrees.

Pushpa comes and the meets the people in Pakiya Chawl. They beg Pushpa to save the roof over their heads. Pushpa says she will do something and asks them not to worry.

The person who made the deal with Santosh to get fake passport is shown to be under the cops control and they think of using him to lure Santosh into their trap.

Pushpa returns home and learns that Swara has gone missing. All the Chawl people search for Swara along with Pushpa’s family. Saran spots Swara and says to Swara if she comes out then they will not take her from Pushpa’s family but if she doesn’t come Pushpa will adopt someone else. Swara comes out hearing this.

Swara apologises to Pushpa and others for hiding as she learnt that adoption people are going to take her away.

Pushpa later says to Bapodara she would like to talk to him. Pakiya comes to Pushpa and asks Pushpa why hasn’t she come till now.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Pushpa asks Bapodara if he was the one who ordered to destroy Pakiya’s area. Bapodara says he is the one who ordered to vacate Pikya’s area as it is government land and they are illegally staying in that land. Bapodara says the government is constructing them new homes. Pushpa argues with Bapodara about it as it is outside the city. Bapodara asks Pushpa if she is expecting him to build them Marina sea facing apartments. Pakiya thinks Pushpa and Bapodara are just putting up an act and he questions Pushpa about it.

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