Pushpa Impossible 11th August 2022 Written Update: Rashi gets a warm welcome in Deepti’s family.

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The episode starts with Pushpa saying Mahendra that she would definitely fight her way through the situation. She perforns aarti and everyone wakes up. Everyone joins the aarti. Deepti and Ashwin are having food at Ashavari’s place where Baskar wonders how Ashwin’s name card was present with the files. He strongly believes that someone fabricated him and asks Ashwin if he has anyone in his mind. Deepti and Ashwin together takes Pramod’s name. Ashwin says that Pramod wanted to be the project Head and also he’s Aryan’s father. He says about Pramod blackmailing him to withdraw the complaint in school. Baskar suggests Deepti to get proofs to prove Ashwin innocent in office as he can’t go to office. Deepti agrees to do so. They both gets romantic and Ashavari and Baskar teases them.

Pushpa packs Rashi’s things for her to go to Deepti’s house. She gives lots of advise to Rashi to not trouble anyone there. Deepti asks her not to worry as Rashi is old enough to understand it. Rashi says still she can’t stop worrying and teases Pushpa. They hug and Rashi leaves with Deepti. Pushpa says Kaku that when the times get difficult then children gets matured all of a sudden. Kaku says that it’s also in difficult times children leaves them. Radha Kaku experience tremors and Pushpa calms her down. She asks what happened but Kaku doesn’t want to burden her already gloomy situation with her sadness.

Rashi comes home with Deepti who gets a warm welcome by Manish and Sonal. Sonal asks her to feel free like she’s at her home and says Manish made special arrangements for her in the guest room. Rashi thanks them and feels gratitude. Sonal says that she’s like small Deepu for them. Deepti wants to go to office as Mrs. Roy called and also wanted to collect proofs to prove Ashwin’s innocence. Rashi gets surprised seeing the decorations and thanks them. Sonal gives her her favourite chocolate milkshake and says about Manish finding about it from Pushpa. They all decide to dine out for lunch and Rashi gets excited.

Rashi is dining with Sonal and Manish and calls Pushpa to share about it. Pushpa is in market to buy vegetables for Kaku and greets Sonal and Manish. She cuts the call as its about to rain. She spots Saran there and calls him. Rashi also meets with Nanavati in restaurant and introduces him to Sonal and Manish. Nanavati takes his leave while Saran and Pushpa chatted over vegetables. Pushpa mistakenly invites him home but later lies that Deepti’s family is there for lunch and asks him to come next time. Saran takes his leave and finds Ashwin’s bribery news on paper. He calls Nanavati and says about it who says that he just net with Rashi and Ashwin’s in laws. They were worried about Pushpa..

Precap : Pushpa and Rashi will be on their way to school when someone will smear mud water on them while riding in car. Pushpa will lash out at them and was about to throw stone at the car when the car comes back. A lady gets down from the car .

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