Pushpa Impossible 11th June 2024 Written Update: Deepti gets a job offer

Pushpa Impossible 11th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Swara asking Deepti if they will leave Pushpa. Deepti says to Swara that they aren’t leaving Pushpa and asks Swara not to worry. Swara agrees. Swara gets down and goes to school.

Bapodara comes to Pushpa and asks Pushpa to take Susheela to the hospital and says Patil is calling him for some work. Pushpa agrees.

Deepti reveals to her parents about vice president job that she got offered. Sonal asks Deepti to grab this chance. Deepti says it is not easy as first she has to think about Ashwin, Swara and Tana Bana work. Sonal comments on Deepti as married women make themselves their last priority. Sonal asks Deepti to not leave this job at any cost.

Ashwari and Saran talk to each other. Ashawari says she met Ashwin and says Ashwin is really looking traumatised with what happened. Saran says to Ashawari that Ashwin really needs his forgiveness and asks Ashawari to think about it.

Pushpa brings Susheela to the hospital. Pushpa puts Susheela’s file on the reception table. Pushpa sees Sujata Narhari Bapodara’s file on the reception desk and she asks the receptionist about Sujata. The receptionist says Sujata comes alone to the hospital and Sujata’s husband never comes to the hospital.

Swara and Deepti come to Sonal and Manish house. Sonal asks Deepti what did she think about her job offer. Deepti says she is still thinking about it. Sonal asks Deepti if she spoke too much to Pushpa. Deepti says no and says she explained to Pushpa that it is Sonal’s
Point of view. Deepti says Pushpa is scared about being seperated and she will not listen to anyone in it. Sonal later asks Deepti when is her interview. Deepti says it’s today. Sonal asks Deepti to go to the interview.

Pushpa sees Sujata has come to the hospital. Susheela and Pushpa come outside. Pushpa sees Sujata and talks to her and asks her about her husband. Sujata says her husband is busy and she does these things alone.

Deepti goes to the interview. The company owner talks to Deepti and says to Deepti that her rules with married woman are quiet flexible and the company fills supports her. Deepti thanks the company owner and says she will tell her decision after talking with her family.

Ashwin and Chirag talk about Prarthna thinking about leaving this family. Chirag and Ashwin argue about it. Rashi tries to stop their argument but they don’t listen so she plays a prank by acting as if she is hurt and later takes a picture of them in a selfie.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Bapodara sees a photo of him with two women. Bapodara shows the photo to Pushpa. Pushpa says this woman’s name is Sujatha Narhari Bapodara and she asks Bapodara if he is having an affair.

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