Pushpa Impossible 19th September 2022 Written Update: Pushpa gets continuous good news.

Pushpa Impossible 19th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Nanavati in meeting praising Pushpa for saving the children’s life. Children gifts flowers to Pushpa for the same and Pushpa accepts it. Nanavati says that the students can reappear in exam after two days. The parents asks about Pushpa and he says that rules doesn’t permit her to give retest. On the other hand, Rashi gets shocked hearing it but Saran starts understanding Nanavati’s plan. The parents plead Nanavati to let Pushpa write the retest but Nanavati asks what’s the use as Pushpa anyhow have to quit the school after the test and why should they break rules for her. Pushpa leaves while meeting ends.

Bapodhara consults with Asthana whether to sign the permission letter for which Asthana told him to sign it as still he’s only in bail and they can’t make mistakes. Bapodhara signs the letter and gives it to Prarthana to give it to Pushpa. Prarthana comes to Munna’s shop to find Chirag making Pushpa’s sketch and praises it. She gives him the permission letter ans narrates whatever happened. Chirag is proud of his mother and the trio plan about their future venture. Prarthana is happy to be associated as Chirag’s partner even if it’s for business.
Pushpa is sitting distraught and Rashi is angry that Nanavati restricted her from giving retest. She wants to confront Nanavati but Pushpa stops her. The parents plead with Nanavati to permit Pushpa for retest and is also ready to take back their application. Nanavati agrees to consider and asks them to file education board legally for the committee to decide. Saran comes to Pushpa and asks them to get ready for next test. Pushpa doesn’t want to prepare as anyhow she lost the game but Saran urges her to Hever quit the race half way. Pushpa gets called where the committee head agreed for Pushpa to give the retest and if she passes in it she’ll get chance to continue her studies. Pushpa gets extremely happy and thanks everyone.

Pushpa and Rashi are in auto and Rashi told that she already informed Ashwin and Chirag about the retest. Pushpa rejoices and reaches home. She gets register post from court and it has cheque of 25000 rupees as penalty from Bapodhara. Pushpa doesn’t want to accept for Susheela but Rashi asks her to not be too much Mahan. Pushpa shares about it to Kaku who also convinces her to not return the cheque. Pushpa says about what happened in school and Kaku gets extremely happy. Deepti teaches Pushpa but she gets diverted with household chores. Deepti takes her in forcefully to teach her.

Precap : Pushpa will ask Susheela to do something for Prarthana to take part in the pooja. Susheela will pretend sick and will take Bapodhara with her to hospital. Prarthana will do pooja with Pushpa and Chirag. Due to bad luck the clinic will be closed and Susheela and Bapodhara will return back. Susheela couldn’t reach Pushpa while Pushpa gets shocked seeing Bapodhara.

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