Pushpa Impossible 1st June 2024 Written Update: Ashwari vows to never forgive Ashwin and Prarthna

Pushpa Impossible 1st June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Swara asking Prarthna to get well soon. Prarthna says to Swara that she will get well soon. Swara agrees and leaves from there.

Pushpa asks Varsha how is Ashawari. Varsha says she can’t see Ashawari’s situation. Saran says now all the family burden is on Ashawari. Pushpa says Ashawari will get job once she gets out of this trauma and says to Saran he needs to help Ashawari. Saran says he will help her at the right time.

Ashwin says to Deepti that if he turned the bike just 2 seconds before then Bhaskar wouldn’t have died. Deepti tries to calm down Ashwin. Ashwin asks Deepti and Chirag why isn’t he dead instead of Bhaskar. Deepti and Chirag ask Ashwin not to blame himself.

Pushpa feeds Prarthna. Bapodara gets a call from the lawyer. Bapodara later gives the good news to Prarthna that the case has been closed. Prarthna says she still has to live with the guilt that she is responsible for Bhaskar’s death. Pushpa says to Prarthna that life is bigger than anything else and she has to continue living.

Ashwin thinks about Bhaskar and decides to go to meet Ashawari.

Ashwin comes to Ashawari’s house. Ashwin sees Arav and tries to see play with him but Ashawari takes Arav away from Ashwin. Ashwin tries to talk to Ashawari. Ashawari asks Ashwin to leave from here amd comments on him. Ashwin leaves from there.

In the news, the news anchor says that Bapodara misused his power as corporator to save his daughter. In the news they play an audio clip of Bapodara asking Raj Patil to see if there is a way to close the case. Raj Patil says he will talk to the cops and see what he can do.

Pushpa thinks how could the media get this audio clip. Chirag says someone might have intentionally leaked this audio clip.

Ashawari seeing the news says to Shobha that Bapodara fully used his advantage as corporator. Ashawari says to herself that the court might have forgiven Prarthna but she will never forgive Prarthna and Ashwin.

Pushpa and Chirag come to Bapodara. Pushpa asks Bapodara if he found out who leaked this audio clip. Bapodara says he will go to Raj Patil and talk to him about this and leaves from there. Susheela decides to talk to Ashawari. Susheela leaves from there. Pushpa also leaves along with Susheela.

Bapodara asks Raj Patil if he leaked this audio clip. Raj Patil says no and says he will find out about it. Bapodara agrees and leaves from there.

Ashawari is shown to be thinking about Bhaskar. Susheela comes to Ashawari and Shobha. Shobha talks to Susheela about Bhaskar.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sonal advises Pushpa to change the house. Pushpa doesn’t agree to it.

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